17 March 2023

A Social Day spent with Hanseatic Help

21 February 2023

Summerfest Success With ZentralE

smartx character dressed as a cowboy stands in front of a Western saloon. Text reads, Now where did I park my trusty horse…

28 October 2022

Just call us the cowboys of adtech 🤠

14 October 2022

There’s always room for improvement 💡

12 October 2022

We have some boo-tiful news 👻

smartx character jumps in the air against tennis ball background. Text reads, Check out our latest updates. We promise it is worth all the racquet.

23 September 2022

Serena Williams, whiplash, and product updates 🎾

smartclip characters sit at a table with hot beverages. One says, It’s finally pumpkin spice season! The other replies, I still prefer regular Java.

5 September 2022

These updates pair nicely with a warm sweater 🍁

25 August 2022

Racing ahead with SDK 🏎️

smartclip character with pink hair crowd surfing at a concert. Copy reads, I thought I got tickets to Tomorrowland, but smartxland is so much better!

25 July 2022

Can’t stop the music (festivals)  🎶

smartclip branded image of smartclip character on a bicycle on a mountain road. Copy reads, What do you mean it's only been 1 kilometre?

11 July 2022

Tour de smartx 🚴‍♂️

4 July 2022

An Egg-squisite Out-Stream Player 🐣

Three smartclip characters are dressed in smartx T-shirts and stand against a rainbow gradient background. Copy reads, Happy Pride, everyone!

27 June 2022

It’s Pride Month, y’all! 🏳️‍🌈

A jet plane flies in a cloudy sky. Copy reads, "Did you miss me?"

7 June 2022

I feel the need for speed!💥

smartclip character putting a sticker on a van covered in bumper stickers. Copy reads, "I definitely have room for one more, right?"

1 June 2022

Honk if you like updates 🔊

Two smartclip characters are dancing on a stage while dressed as wolves. Copy reads, "Protect your Grandma! Feed the wolves"

16 May 2022

And our Eurovision points go to… smartclip! 💃

2 May 2022

Easy as pie 🥧

Three smartclip characters are dressed in costumes and flying. Copy reads, will this count towards my frequent flyer miles?

17 April 2022

Our very own Origin story 🦸

21 March 2022

A Forecast We Can All Appreciate 🌞

smartclip character holds a giant spoon ready to eat some creme brulee. Copy reads, Ill need to call a dentist after this.

10 February 2022

Fresh out of the cookieless oven

smartclipper walks out of phone holding a candy after playing too much candy crush. Copy reads, I'm on level 5632.

8 February 2022

Like taking 🍭 from a 👶

smartclip character holds bouquet of red balloons and is floating upward. Copy reads, Happy Monday!

17 January 2022

Because we’re happy 😁

smartclip characters gather around the christmas tree to celebrate the holidays. Copy reads, Merry everything!

17 December 2021

You don’t need a chimney for this gift 🎁

smartclip character boards a train. Copy reads, Taking this choo choo to 2022.

7 December 2021

Engine engine number 1 🚂

smartclip character jumps with a deck of cards as a background image. Copy reads, deal me in!

23 November 2021

Can’t Read Our Poker Face? 🃏

smartclip character dressed as James Bond sits in Aston Martin. Copy reads, Yes, Q, approaching GAFA territory now.

19 October 2021

The Name’s clip, smartclip 🤵

smartclip character catches a package falling from the sky. Copy reads, Thank you, Mr. Owl!

5 October 2021

This Update Isn’t Witchcraft (Or Is It?) 🧙

smartclip character prepares to clear her house. Copy reads, Time for a good tidying up session. No Bob, not the Netflix series.

5 October 2021

Nobody Likes a Dirty House

smartclip character jumps for joy in the sky as she thinks about food. Copy reads, mmm, meatrics. Im in heaven.

29 September 2021

“Meetrics” Not “Meatrics”, Silly 🤤

A kitten plays in the leaves. Copy reads, I have been waiting for this all year.

21 September 2021

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat 🐈

A person is opening a box in front of a camera. Copy reads, just the update I wanted.

6 September 2021

smart Things Come in smart Packages

smartclip character dances roller disco to celebrate IAB certification. Copy reads, night fever night fever

26 August 2021

You Should Be Dancing (Yeah)

A robot that looks to be from a familiar movie says, Hasta la vista, unnecessary platform tabs.

24 August 2021

We’re on a Mission to Terminate Platform Complexities

smartclip character jumps for joy over a background of bowtie pasta. Copy reads, Bon appetit!

17 August 2021

Be Our Guest

10 August 2021

Go Gold or Go Home 🥇

smartclip character dressed as airplane stewardess on smartx Airways. Copy reads, I guess they all went camping then.

19 July 2021

We’re Leaving on a Jet Plane ✈️

smartclip character holding a tennis racket on a tennis court. Copy reads, we’ve been tennis fans this whole time.

9 July 2021

Love Means Nothing to Us 🎾


1 July 2021

An Update Ronaldo Would Love💧

smartclip character enjoys the summer heat by floating in the pool. Copy reads, I could get used to this.

25 June 2021

And We’ll All Float on (Okay)

Cat wearing sunglasses looking upwards on a red background. Copy reads “I have the purrfect pawtify playlist for this.”

18 June 2021

We Got InLine and We Ain’t Kitten 😼

Old lady smartclipper walks past robot co-workers in a futuristic office. Copy reads, I’ll see you young whipper snappers at our company party!

9 June 2021

An Update to End All (Up)dates

smartclipper holds sausage with a burger background to celebrate BBQ season. Copy reads, steak-holders are gonna love this!

2 June 2021

🔥 Hot Off the Grill: The Segment Builder

smartclipper reads the latest product release while celebrating the weekend with a beer. Copy reads, prost to the weekend.

21 May 2021

You’ll App-reciate This Update

A smartclip character turned meteorologist is fed up with the stormy May weather forecast. Copy reads, And... I quit.

10 May 2021

The Meteorologist Has Left the Building 👋

Comical image of dinosaur saying, Im tired of computers taking our jobs!

22 April 2021

Metadata, Dinosaurs, and Sailing (Oh My!)

Shakespearean looking smartclip character holds smartx branded laptop with one hand and says, to Ad Rule or not to Ad Rule?

21 April 2021

Shall We Compare smartx to a Summer’s Day?

smartclip character holds umbrella being blown away by hurricane. Copy reads, Live in Europe they said, itll be fun they said

12 April 2021

A Meteorologist Walks into a Bar (Chart) 📊

2 smartclip characters wear Daft Punk helmets and wave to signify retirement. Copy reads, I forgot what my face looks like.

22 March 2021

🤖 Sorry Not Sorry for the Daft Puns

9 March 2021

Where We’re Going, We Need VMAP 📍

8 March 2021

We’re Laughing Crying on the Inside 😂

3 March 2021

This Update Is Out of This World! 👩‍🚀

22 February 2021

Between a Rock and a smart Place

15 February 2021

We Call Them Biscuits Anyway 🍪

12 February 2021

Five ✋ Minute Push Time 🎉

8 February 2021

This Team Is on Fire! 🎵

smartclip character acts as bouncer outside of club to only allow brand-safe creatives. Copy reads, youre not on the list.

1 February 2021

Sorry Bro, This Is a Brand-Safe Environment ✋

12 January 2021

🎺 Our Neighbours Are Gonna Lose It…

11 January 2021

Goodbye Handshakes, Hello Elbow Bumps 💪

Happy holidays from smartclip

14 December 2020

The Last Product Newsletter of 2020 🎉

This will make you dance

7 December 2020

This Will Make You Dance (Or Blush 😳)

26 November 2020

It’s Like a Grid… but smart!

23 November 2020

Guess Who’s Back?

Image of a woman working at a desk with a look of surprise once sees there are made up words in a blog article she is editing. Copy on image reads, ...corest?

6 November 2020

The Corest SDK Update 😎🤘

23 October 2020

Viewability? You Bet Your Sweet App It’s Important 💁

Image showing a clog store front with a woman carrying a bag of her new clogs. Name of store reads, Klaas’ Klompen. A sign by the store states the orthopedic wooden clogs are the new trend for 2020.

21 October 2020

We’ve Been Doing Some Sole Searching 👞

Image of a smartclipper floating in a sea of ooey gooey chocolate. The character has heart eyes and a space helmet with the copy, Houston we have a chocolate problem

19 October 2020

We Hope This Release Causes Some Snickers 🍫

Comical image of a smartclipper wearing lederhosen to celebrate smart-tober fest from home.

6 October 2020

O’zapft Is the smart-oberfest 🥨

26 August 2020

Stringing You Along the TC String 🧶

26 August 2020

🧠 You’re Going to Lobe This One

Image of a man on stage rapping into into a crowd. He shouts, When I say server, you say side! The crowd responds with the word, SIDE!

13 August 2020

Server-Side UnwRAPping in the HOUSE! 😎

Image of harmonious looking woman holding up peace fingers balancing on a board with an equally harmonious looking man. The board is balancing on top of a Yin-Yang. Copy reads, Restoring universal harmony...

10 August 2020

The Universe Is Governed by a Cosmic Duality — And Now, So Is smartx ☯️✌️

Image of a woman waving, wearing a pair of large smartclip-red pants. Copy on image reads, Hey there, smarty pants!

2 July 2020

Hey There smarty Pants 👖, Check Out the Latest on HbbTV

30 June 2020

A Dino-mite Announcement! 🦖

9 June 2020

🤠There’s a New Sheriff in Town – VAST 4.2!

smartclip image of an animated man wearing a red smartx shirt and waving. Copy on image reads, Goodbye, fraud. Hello, transparency.

15 May 2020

So Long, Ad Fraud!

smartx platform branded imagery celebrating the new smartx logo

8 May 2020

The RE-Rebranding of smartx (Keepin’ You On Your Toes 🙃)

smartclip branded imagery celebrating the smartx platform redesign

24 April 2020

Say “Hello” to the New smartx Logo!