12 January, 2021

🎺 Our neighbors are gonna lose it…

Who’s the wise guy that gave Product Marketing a horn? Can we get some HR support over here?

Hey there smartxers,

We usually try not to toot our own horn, but sometimes it’s hard to hold back when we launch new features that are kind of a big deal. So excuse us while we give a big toot toot 🎺 to our new sidebar navigation in the Demand tab, Line Item Bundle preset, and nifty reporting template! 

Okay, horns down (but you can keep your marching-band hat on 💂), here are the details… 

The final piece of the preset puzzle 🧩

The Line Item Bundle suite was an enormous project geared towards creating an easier setup and optimisation process for line items and line item bundles. The goal was to create a streamlined setup from the bundle level that would automatically apply to all line items within the bundle. This eliminates the need to repetitively apply certain settings to every individual line item. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Well, we are happy to announce that this hefty project has now come to an end with the addition of the Creative presets tab to the Line Item Bundle editor! 

The functionalities and refinements are similar to a single line item with a few exceptions. The start date, end date, inventory, and targeting settings on a single creative can only be refined at the line item level. Additionally, the creative rotation settings can only be used at the line item level if the creative presets are not used in the line item. 

As is the case with all line item bundle presets, it is possible to override each creative setting separately at the individual line item level. 

Together at last 👫

A new sidebar navigation, General, is joining the Demand tab family to give users a long-awaited overview combining both programmatic and direct campaigns. Under General, smartxers can find the Line Item Overview, a single grid that gives detailed insights into the performance of all active line items in an Owner Marketplace (archived line items will not appear on the grid). This complete overview makes it easier to view and optimise programmatic and direct campaigns across the board.

The Line Item Overview functions the same as other grids in the platform. First, select an owner marketplace from the dropdown menu, then specify the desired filters. After you click Apply, you will get a complete overview of all line items. 

Please note, the General menu will only be available to users who have reading and/or editing permissions for direct campaigns and/or programmatic deals. 

Revenue Recognition reporting for duty 🖖

The lives of our finance and demand team colleagues are about to get a whole lot easier (the direct campaign portion of their lives, at least). This week, we are introducing the Revenue Recognition report to the Reporting tab of the platform. This means that our teams can now monitor campaign revenue in smartx (instead of smaracd). 

The Revenue Recognition report shows the booked and realised impressions of a campaign and/or line item bundle so that users have a clear overview of campaign performance. Previously, smartx only provided an overview of actual impressions. This required a manual check of booked impressions. While this is fine for one campaign, it’s not exactly ideal if you want to monitor all campaigns. 

The new template lives under the Financials menu and only includes data for Direct and External demand. Campaigns with mixed demand types can still be included in the report, however, the data will be filtered to only show Direct and External demand. Please note that the revenue of over-deliveries will be deducted from the report so that it shows the net revenue.

Minor Improvements

  • iOS targeting: Demand now has the option to target iOS 12, 13, and 14 for Direct Campaigns, Demand Business Rules, Forecasting, and Device Settings.
  • Deal setup simplification: the Advertiser section is moving from the Commercial Settings tab to the Basic tab of the Demand Business Rules editor. This will help users select an advertiser earlier in the setup process and set the groundwork for future improvements for the Commercial Settings tab.
  • Editor height adjustment: Campaigns in the Line Item / Line Item Bundle grid did not take up the full window height of the campaign editor, making it appear as though there were less line items/bundles than there really were. Now, the grid will use the full window height to avoid any confusion regarding the amount of line items/line item bundles in a campaign. 
  • Breadcrumbs: The breadcrumb trail, or the navigational aid found on the header of some editor windows in the platform, will now be visible in the editor windows for companion creatives and creatives that are edited within a campaign.

Yours in smartx updates and playing the world’s smallest violin 🎻 since HR took away our horns,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Product Marketing Manager for smartclip Europe responsible for developing and executing the messaging for smartclip products. She has a passion for transforming complex technical topics into digestible and relatable content. Nicole has been a part of the adtech industry for six years, having worked in the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

Nicole Gallegos
Product Marketing Manager Europe