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Leadership quotes

Leadership quotes

8 June 2021

“To truly offer CTV across Europe at scale, the decision lies in the hands of the broadcasters. Major TV houses and independent AVOD services need to collaborate across markets and language barriers, but with local specifics in mind.”

Stephen Byrne, Managing Director Nordics & Executive Director New Partnerships Europe at Smartclip

13 April 2021

“HbbTV, Addressable TV, and TV viewing data are offering a major opportunity for European broadcasters. The key to success in a pursuit against US tech players is cooperation.”

Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV at smartclip
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1 March 2021

“Outstream-Formate innerhalb seriöser Online-Medien sind eine gute Alternative zu Instream-Formaten. Outstream-Formate wirken deutlich aktivierender als ein reiner Image-Spot in einem Werbeblock. Die Werbebotschaft eines Spots kann innerhalb textbasierter Umfelder gut auf den Inhalt der Seite ausgesteuert werden.”

Fabian Burgey, Director Market Development DACH & Europe at smartclip

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