We provide the infrastructure to advance a
true partnership approach across Europe —
underpinned by trust, transparency, and
mutual benefit.

We seek to bring European broadcasters together to safeguard the TV ecosystem —
protecting investments in premium, high-quality content with respectful data practices.

A grey version of Disney's logo
A grey version of Disney's logo

Monetisation partners
We partner with premium publishers to protect free access to high-value content
while enabling the most efficient monetisation opportunities.

A grey version of Disney's logo
A grey version of Disney's logo

Alliances and collaborations
We are part of the RTL Group universe, and have founded local and international
alliances that benefit both our clients and the industry at large.

Brand safety, measurement, and audience partners
From quality assurance to ad verification, we partner with the best in order to guarantee
the highest standards of brand safety and transparency.

We partner with leading Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to enable the purchase of
smartclip’s premium supplier advertising inventory in an automated fashion.

We partner with leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to collect, manage, and
analyse first-party data and/or procure third-party data in order to create target
audiences that can be sent to smartclip for activation.