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Boundlessly innovative,
passionately ambitious.

Together, we are driving the future course of Europe’s video and TV advertising industry. A future where the internet remains open. Where European media owners hold greater power over Silicon Valley’s giants. And where our technology is the core component of the European adtech infrastructure — safeguarding it all.

Ambitious? You betcha. Innovative? 
A must.

The engine room

The essence of how we tech

We stand for ethical, dependable, high-quality, and automated technology.


Cloud native, open source, code coverage in software testing, containerised in Kubernetes


Production services



Guided by four working principles.



If we encounter a challenge, we don’t simply hand it off to someone who may possess more knowledge than us — we strive to grow our own skill sets so we can catch our own fish.



We have a fail-friendly environment — where failure is not just accepted, it’s encouraged — because experimentation is a requisite for innovation. We don’t hide our mistakes; we acknowledge them as an important part of the learning and growth process — always failing forward.


Balance predictability and innovation

We give clients estimated time frames for product updates and releases that they can count on, but we do not let deadlines prevent more innovative ideas and solutions from surfacing. At the same time, we do not get lost in innovating to the point that clients cannot rely on our timeframes. We balance predictability with innovation in order to be dependable in output — and quality.


Embrace change

We recognise that our success lies in our courage and willingness to grow, adapt, try new things, and change. We welcome every opportunity to evolve for the better.

In endless pursuit of excellence.

We want to be our best, knowing full well that our best is an endless pursuit underpinned by lifelong learning.


An internal learning platform offering our employees the opportunities to learn and develop new skills through structured courses, peer-to-peer training, and workshops.


Each year, managers hold performance evaluation meetings with direct reports to foster growth in their current roles and help them with long-term career trajectory planning.

Leadership development programmes

From established leaders to young professionals, we offer our employees the resources to build upon and develop their leadership style, approach, and skills.


An annual knowledge-sharing event where colleagues become instructors and share their expertise on various industry and personal development topics.


A monthly knowledge-exchange workshop led by a fellow colleague on a company, industry, or personal development-related topic of their choice.

Skill development

All employees are encouraged to participate in sponsored skill development courses and programmes via Udacity, Bertelsmann University, & Coursera.


We offer all employees personal coaching sessions on topics ranging from solving interpersonal conflict within the workplace to professional development.


Committed to doing what is right.

To us, business is more than simply maximising profits. We believe we have a social responsibility to do what’s best for our people, the planet, and society at large.

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“One of the main reasons I chose to work at smartclip was their clear understanding of the importance of family. As a working father, this was one of the most important factors when I was deciding between companies. I’m happy to say I made the right choice and to have such a flexible, understanding, and supportive community behind me and my family.”

Achille Mbope, Software Engineer ATV
smartclip Europe

“I really enjoy being a part of the Marketing & Product Education Team because I’m empowered and trusted to be independent, yet when I need help or have questions there’s always someone more than willing to help.“

Lee Richter, Marketing Specialist Europe
smartclip Europe

“What I find unique about our company culture is our hands-on approach to all aspects of our company. This high degree of ownership allows us to be autonomous and keep up with the fast-paced nature of our industry.”

Moritz Wegmann, Growth Product Manager – ATV
smartclip Europe

“What I appreciate most about smartclip is that I never feel that I need to choose between my job and family. Flexible working models for part-time employees make it easier to care for both my family and career. I’ve made many friends and trust my colleagues and supervisor a lot!”

Celina Brinkmeier, Executive Assistant
smartclip Europe

“Joining smartclip was one of the easiest choices I ever made. From the first contact with the People & Culture team to the last day of onboarding, the overall new hire process has been smooth, quick, and enjoyable.”

Stefano Matteucci, BPO – Audience Management Tools
smartclip Europe

“I am so delighted to be a part of the Product Education team. It is so inspiring to work with professionals who are truly committed to educating those around them while simultaneously committing to educate themselves.”

Danielle Petway, Senior e-Learning & Product Communications Manager
smartclip Europe

“We have a great bunch of people working on highly technical products. Also, we’ve defined a unique culture which is the foundation for how we work together and this makes smartclip a great place to be.”

Tobias Wolff, Vice President Engineering
smartclip Europe

“smartclip is a company that inspires me, and stretches me in different areas. Working with the marketing team encourages and empowers me to do my best with complete freedom, great work environment and team spirit.”

Harshita Parnami, Motion Graphics Designer
smartclip Europe

“What’s special about smartclip is our supportive and open company spirit. We have a great group of friendly, genuine, and knowledgeable people who are always willing to help and cheer each other on. I think this approach plays a large role in the success we’ve seen and what we hope to achieve in the future.”

Björn Münchau, VP Advanced Products
smartclip Europe

“It’s been a pleasure to see smartclip grow, over the past 14+ years I’ve been with the company. Some things that I’m proud of are our team spirit, pragmatism, hands-on mentality, and our dedication to finding smart young talent.”

Christian Potthoff, Director Data Privacy & Technology Partnerships
smartclip Europe

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