Gain access to adtech and TV monetisation tools built for the future

We provide the technological infrastructure to merge the worlds of TV and digital — creating unique selling points and giving European broadcasters a competitive advantage over digital giants.

Adtech tailored to the needs of European broadcasters

Our technology and monetisation solutions enable broadcasters to tap into granular TV data and leverage innovative digital ad products to monetise their content in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Holistic full-stack solution

Sophisticated first-party ad server built to withstand the massive scale and reach that broadcast offers. With a true holistic approach, our ad serving infrastructure can seamlessly cater to RTB and IO demand in a common auction. Our advertising products can be integrated into every platform and device in which broadcasters deliver their content — including Addressable TV advertising in linear live environments and any on-demand content product.

Our proprietary SSP allows for customised inventory definitions — with a private marketplace logic — for full control over commercials, pricing, and revenue. The smartx platform provides an ideal setup for alliances with complex re-selling relationships and is connected to all major DSPs.

The real-time TV Data Management Engine (DME) is the backbone of our platform — creating the basis for merging the worlds of digital and TV. The DME empowers broadcasters to tap into more granular layers of TV data, made available via the HbbTV technology, and analyse and segment target audiences based on viewing behaviour.

The Addressable TV Suite enables broadcasters to insert digital ads into any linear TV stream, and is platform and device agnostic. Addressable TV advertising enables broadcasters to transform the classic TV commercial model into the digital age by offering ad replacement and ad insertion logics with granular targeting capabilities.

Our Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology makes it possible to exchange and insert TV spots on the fly, so that broadcasters can increase yield of linear streams within OTT & web environments. With Yospace, smartclip provides access to one of the leading SSAI vendors — yet the smartclip platform is flexible and can access any other SSAI vendor of choice.

Programmatic advertising on the linear screen

We enable technology-automated and data-driven methods to buying and delivering ads within linear TV content — across every platform distribution channel.

True cross-device targeting opportunities

Our cross-device capabilities create unique storytelling opportunities for your advertisers. With our TV Data Management Engine and household-matching algorithm, we are able to provide a true connection between TV and online video advertising — enabling your advertisers to reach consumers sequentially across devices and platforms.

Captivating ad experiences across all platforms

Our diverse suite of digital advertising formats — including full ad-break replacement via SSAI, In-Stream, and Out-Stream — provide the ideal solution for all platforms and devices, while solving the challenge of fragmented media distribution.

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The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe
The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe


The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe

A thorough analysis of the state of Addressable TV advertising across Europe, with emphasis on the opportunities that smartclip’s ATV solutions provide to European broadcasters.

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