Who we are

We are the only European-grown adtech and media sales company that breaks down walled gardens by offering local, non-monopolised video marketplace alternatives.


Get state-of-the-art technology

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Monetise your inventory

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Adtech tailored to European needs

Our advertising technology and services empower European broadcasters and online publishers to offer cutting-edge advertising solutions to international advertisers, and monetise their content in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Backed by people, powered by tech.

We are Europeans with a passion for video. That is why we only hire the best people who are mutually passionate and share similar values. While technology and data propel our industry forward, our human element is a key success factor.

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We are part of RTL Group

As a subsidiary of RTL Deutschland, we are part of RTL Group. And as a founding member of Ad Alliance, we have the experience needed to build lasting partnerships that benefit our industry at large.

Addressable TV Advertising 2022
Addressable TV Advertising 2022


Addressable TV Advertising 2022

Gain insight into the latest Addressable TV advertising developments across Europe, and learn more about how to successfully buy and apply Addressable TV advertising to reach your campaign goals.

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