smartx Ad Server & SSP

Built to withstand the massive scale and reach that Europe’s largest broadcasters require

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The full-stack adtech platform for European broadcasters and premium publishers.

Ad Server

Tailor-made ad inventory management with ad decisioning based on client needs — using data points across the entire user journey.

Supply Side Platform

Our holistic SSP, combined with our ad server, seamlessly caters to programmatic RTB and direct IO demand across every distribution channel for video, audio, and display advertising — while providing full control over creatives, pricing, and revenue.

Ad Operations Tools

Our AdOps tools offer sophisticated insights with customisable overviews and advanced troubleshooting for ad delivery optimisation, including creative approvals, forecasting, an ad campaign screenshot builder, and more.

Advanced Integration Suite

Our integration suite offers universal methods of technical integration for VMAP and VAST4.2, including CSAI, SSAI, header bidding solutions, and our own SDKs for multiple environments.

Reporting and Analytics

Our elaborate reporting toolkit includes data planning and analytics reporting with customisable KPI dashboards, advanced API integration, and log-level data.

Adtech stack for scalable Addressable TV and Connected TV advertising.

Our DME empowers broadcasters to tap into TV viewing behaviour data, made available via the HbbTV technology, and segment and target audiences to better reach the most relevant consumers across all digital channels.

Our platform is SSAI-ready, enabling the dynamic insertion of TV spots on the fly so that broadcasters can increase the yield of linear streams within OTT and IPTV environments. 

Enabling the digital substitution of spots within a linear TV ad break via programmatic buying processes — all while giving broadcasters complete control over their data and downstream data flow, as well as creative, quality, and privacy controls.

With Realytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of smartclip, we provide transparent TV ad impact measurement and ROI analytics for campaign optimisation across linear TV, Addressable TV, and VOD.

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