Unlock the full value of your inventory

We empower media owners to implement smarter monetisation strategies with custom-tailored adtech and media sales.

Benefit from local market expertise

Our local media sales teams are able to deliver quality demand, sourced from close relationships with agencies and advertisers via direct and programmatic buying.

Your true holistic, one-stop shop for video advertising

  • Adserver
  • Supply-Side Platform
  • Multi-marketplace partnership setup
  • Support for In-Stream, Out-Stream, CTV, and ATV
  • Transparency & Data Protection

We adapt to your needs instead of you adapting to our tech

From managed campaigns to self-service, our modular approach enables us to tailor solutions to your requirements.

Offer advertisers unique storytelling opportunities

From TV to web and vice versa, our innovative cross-device targeting and ad execution capabilities enable publishers to increase the value of owned content by offering advertisers the ability to reach TV audiences through your digital inventory.

Take advantage of ad formats that respect your end consumers

We put the user experience at the forefront of our advertising solutions. Our customisable media player and diverse ad formats — spanning In-Stream, Out-Stream, Connected TV, Addressable TV, and gaming — guarantee visibility and action in a way that respects your consumer.

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