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For us, technology and media sales are two sides of the same coin. That is why we closely partner with RTL AdAlliance — enabling you to leverage our technology with their monetisation solutions.

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Take advantage of ad formats that respect your end consumers.

We put the user experience at the forefront of our advertising solutions. Our customisable media player and diverse ad formats guarantee visibility and action in a way that respects your consumer.

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Overcome the growing complexity surrounding privacy and identification

Our unparalleled solution enables you to manage hierarchies and logics between different ID and privacy-friendly targeting options.

smart ID hub

Support for any first-party user identifiers — including multiple identification levels such as device, user, and household — with the ability to have all ad server functionality including segment selection.

Allows publishers to use our probabilistic identification method to identify the device, user, or household.

Support for industry-standard identifier initiatives — such as Unified 2.0, ID5, and NetID — which gives your programmatic buyers more options to reach the right audiences.


A proprietary, privacy-safe product that allows publishers to deliver targeted ads without processing or using personally identifiable information — while preventing downstream partners from accessing or storing relevant data.

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Allows publishers to fully control if and which privacy-relevant data is shared with downstream partners — and can be completely configurable for each and every DSP, DMP, or advertiser.

You can leverage our proprietary smart audiences contextual targeting solution or we can enable your own contextual targeting information via our sophisticated content awareness management suite.

Enjoy the highest standards of brand safety and transparency — guaranteed.
We employ an elaborate control system of quality assurance and ad verification according to IAB standards to ensure brand safety, transparency, and privacy.

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