22 February, 2021

Between a Rock and a smart Place

This week’s platform improvements are a cut above the rest!

Dear smartxers,

While the cryptocurrency connoisseurs of the world were busy mining for Bitcoin, your smart, dedicated, (and good looking) Product Marketing Team bravely spent all night doing some mining of our own ⛏️. Deep in the trenches of Jira, we were able to dig up some of the best platform updates — dusted and polished just for you! 

These are some gems that Supply, Demand, and ATV teams will find extra fascinating 💎🤩! 

Furthering Flashtalking

We upgraded our Flashtalking transcoding service from a custom integration to the Flashtalking Standard API. This will give us the opportunity to be at the forefront of Flashtalking’s cutting-edge technology. This improvement also lifts restrictions in campaign management that previously limited creatives from being assigned to more than one campaign.

Burgeoning bundles

It is now possible to copy Line Item Bundles in the Direct Campaign editor. Just head over to the Line Item / Bundle tab, select the bundle, hover over the copy icon, and click, click, click away! (Ok, not that fast 😉). Each copied bundle will be inactive by default and labeled with ‘COPY of’ so you don’t have to worry about your excessive clicking ruining a campaign.

Mental math malfunction

Users often shift booked impressions between line items within Auto-Stop bundles during a campaign flight. If the sum of the booked impressions for each line item are less than the total booked impressions for the line item bundle, a warning icon appears to signal that the line item bundle is underbooked. To drive this message home, a new dialogue box will appear once users select Save, giving users a friendly reminder to just use a calculator next time.

Diversifying dimensions 

The following dimensions are now available in smartx Reporting as well as the reporting API:

  • Inventory Type: This allows users to filter by the type of inventory that is defined in the Site level in the Supply tab.
  • Priority: The Priority dimension helps users analyse the effect their priority settings for smartgrid have on revenue.

Additional Improvements

  • Polished-up player: The creative player in the demand tab was getting a little dusty so we took out the cartridge, blew in it, then updated it to the newest version. 
  • Supply separation: It is now possible to indicate if a marketplace is a demand-only marketplace when adding new marketplaces in smartx. This will prevent any marketplace flagged as demand-only, such as the Ad Alliance and RTL Ad Connect, from appearing in Owner Marketplace dropdowns or supply-side selections. 
  • Consistent currencies: To prevent inconsistencies in financial reporting, the currency settings for supply pricing may no longer be mixed or changed for a publisher. All financial settings of a publisher must use the same currency which cannot be changed once the first supply prices have been set up. 
  • Site ID inclusion: Reports downloaded from the Forecasting API will now include a Site IDs column. This will help eliminate some manual work needed from Demand teams when it comes to media planning and deal creation, for example. 

Yours in smartx updates and shining bright like a diamond,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Commercial Product Manager for smartclip Europe, bringing 8 years of adtech and digital marketing experience. A US native turned Dutch expatriate, Nicole’s programmatic journey includes publisher account management in the Benelux and Nordic regions, digital marketing strategy for media agencies, as well as product marketing for a pan-European audience. An explorer at heart, Nicole loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.

Nicole Gallegos
Commercial Product Manager