2 May, 2022

Easy as pie 🥧

We have a tasty update for you that might be even better than Grandma’s apple pie recipe.

Dear smartclippers,

We have a small slice of an update for you from our smartclip kitchen that’s sure to bring a smile to your face! If you’re lucky, maybe we’ll throw in Grandma’s famous apple pie recipe too. 😉

“Baking” transcoding better

Currently, if a creative using transcoding is copied, the transcoded media files (along with all related information) are copied to the new creative. This could sometimes lead to issues if the copied files are outdated. 

We’ve finally perfected our recipe so that if a creative using transcoding is copied, the user will simply need to upload or provide the media file again to kickstart a new transcoding process. This will ensure that all files and information for the copied creative are up to date. This update will only apply to VAST/Video creatives for now. Other Creative Types will soon follow, along with many more slices of pie. 

Yours in product updates and endless dessert puns,
smartclip Product Marketing Team

Elana is the Product Marketing Manager at smartclip Europe and is responsible for platform/product communication and marketing. She enjoys turning complex technical topics into relatable and engaging content.

Elana Harrison
Product Marketing Manager Europe