9 March, 2021

Where We’re Going, We Need VMAP πŸ“

VMAP has boogied on over to smartclip, making it easier to control the ad experience with ad playlists!

Hey smartxers,

Yes, here we are again detailing the latest happenings in the smartx backend. In this instalment, we introduce support for a new V-Suite specification β€” one that will be extra useful for the evolution of digital television!

As the worlds of digital and linear television merge, media owners are striving to replicate the same advertising experience across mediums for their audience, especially when it comes to long-form content. Achieving this goal is now possible with smartclip as we now support the VMAP (video multiple ad playlist) service from the IAB

The VMAP service provides complete control to media owners by giving them the ability to craft the advertising experience from start to finish with a playlist structure that wraps one or more ad responses together. Simply put, it gives them the power to define ad breaks in their own content by determining specifics such as how many ad breaks to include, which ad types to display, and when each ad break should occur.

In the cases where media owners do not own their video player, a VMAP playlist can help content owners exercise control over the ad inventory to provide consumers with an experience similar to linear television. This will ensure that they can capitalize on advertising while maintaining the integrity of their program content.   

Yours in smartx updates and learning the choreography to the Backend Boogie πŸ•Ί,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Product Marketing Manager for smartclip Europe responsible for developing and executing the messaging for smartclip products. She has a passion for transforming complex technical topics into digestible and relatable content. Nicole has been a part of the adtech industry for seven years, having worked in the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands.Β 

Nicole Gallegos
Product Marketing Manager Europe