12 October, 2022

We have some boo-tiful news 👻

We’ve been brewing up some new updates in our cauldron and while they might not taste the best, they sure look good to us.

Hey smartx-ers,

It’s that time of year again, where kids dress up as adorable ghosts and adults make some questionable fashion decisions — all for the sake of candy! Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you’ve certainly heard of it. We’ve been slaving away at the cauldron, brewing up some new updates and while they might not taste the best, they sure sound good to us.  

So, put on your costumes, grab your pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets, and watch out for those black cats. Don’t worry, this newsletter is all treats and no tricks. 👻

The pick of the pumpkin patch: Goal setting in direct line items 🎃

To reduce complexity in the implementation of Direct Campaigns in Demand, we have now changed goal settings for Line Items. The update to the goal settings for line items can be found in the Direct Campaigns section, after selecting Add/Edit Line Item. Please note that the Goal settings on line item level are only available if the line item is part of a line item bundle that is using Auto-Stop or Line Item Delivery as the delivery mode.

We’ve made a number of changes within the Goal section of the menu in the Basic Tab, including:

  • There will no longer be a dropdown for the selection of Target type. Instead, a more flexible combination of goals based on “impressions”, “clicks”, or “views” and a Share of Voice percentage is now possible.
  • If no impression, click, or view goal is needed for a line item, the new “unlimited” checkbox can be selected. If this is the case, no further pacing options such as Daily Cap, Kickstart, or Pacing Type will be available. 
  • A new field for Share of Voice (SOV) value is added below Budget. It is visible only for line items in bundles using delivery mode “Line Item Delivery” and cost type “CPM”. It is now possible to combine Share of Voice with an impression goal. If selected, the delivery volumes will be shown in the line item grid. If SOV is included in the goal settings, no pacing options will be available.
  • The line item type “Bulk” will be identified from now on if the Cost is set to 0 and an “unlimited” goal is set.

The same changes are applied to the goal presets within line item bundles which are applied to all line items in the line item bundle that are using those presets. Adjustments have also been made within the smart Booking API to support the new goal setting presets for line items and line item bundles.

Yours in product updates and all things spooky,
smartclip Product Marketing Team

Elana is the Product Marketing Manager at smartclip Europe and is responsible for platform/product communication and marketing. She enjoys turning complex technical topics into relatable and engaging content.

Elana Harrison
Product Marketing Manager Europe