17 April, 2022

Our very own Origin story 🦸

Just like Batman, smartclip has its own epic origin (label) story…

Three smartclip characters are dressed in costumes and flying. Copy reads, will this count towards my frequent flyer miles?

Dear smartxers,

Batman, Mr. Incredible, Spiderman, and Black Widow. What do all these characters have in common (besides spandex)? An epic origin story. Now, smartclip has its very own. 

Our Origin (Label) revealed

Tomorrow, we will introduce UI support for a new targeting option — “Origin” Labels. This option is currently used by ATV folks via 1 to 1 replacement, but can now be used in other cases where advertisers would like to substitute their spot in linear ad breaks with a replacement spot from our ad server. This will allow advertisers to advertise the same product in the same position in a given ad break, but exchange the spot according to specific targeting criteria (e.g. regional targeting that allows the same spot to be slightly different according to where it is being watched). 

Origin Labels will be available on the Targeting tab for Direct Campaigns and Demand Business Rules

This update also applies to the API. 

Now, not only Dr. Strange can control time

Whenever a Demand Business Rule is copied, it carries over all information, including the start and end dates, to the new deal. Not updating the start and end date may lead to issues depending on the deal (such as incorrect pacing for a copied Guaranteed Deal). To avoid this, users will be required to define the start and end date for all copied deals.

As is the case with all deals and campaigns, the start date must be before the end date. For Guaranteed Deals (Direct Guaranteed and Programmatic Guaranteed), the start and end dates of a copied deal will appear empty in order to prompt the user to select a date. For all other deals, the start date will automatically be set to the current date, with an end date of 10 years into the future. Users can adjust the start and end dates for all deals. 

Is this our Endgame?

Our last couple releases featured usability improvements for Demand Business Rules with multiple Ad Types. Tomorrow’s release is the final phase of this deal simplification project, making it possible for users to select multiple Ad Types for one Financial Setting of a deal. This reduces the amount of line items needed for a deal, streamlining the setup process. This update also means that Guaranteed Deals will no longer require the budget to be split out per Ad Type

This update also applies to the smart Booking API. Though the quest for a simplified deal setup is complete for now, who’s to say there won’t be a sequel? 

Deprecated postal code targeting 

Postal Code targeting, already removed from Demand Business Rules, will also be removed from the Targeting tab for Direct Campaigns and the Forecaster. The Postal Code List, built to replace Postal Codes, will remain intact.

Yours in product updates and obscure superpowers,
smartclip Product Marketing Team

Elana is the Product Marketing Manager at smartclip Europe and is responsible for platform/product communication and marketing. She enjoys turning complex technical topics into relatable and engaging content.

Elana Harrison
Product Marketing Manager Europe