25 July, 2022

Can’t stop the music (festivals)  🎶

For all you music festival lovers out there, we’d like to invite you to smartxland, where your favourite song is just a click away and ad campaigns never sleep.

smartclip character with pink hair crowd surfing at a concert. Copy reads, I thought I got tickets to Tomorrowland, but smartxland is so much better!

Hey smartx-ers,

From Parookaville to Tomorrowland, festivals are back and better than ever this year. We don’t know about you, but after spending two years without any live performances — other than our own singing in the shower — we missed everything from the crowds of loud music fans to the knee-high mud at Glastonbury. 

For all you festival lovers out there, we’d like to invite you to smartxland, where the lines to the bathroom are always short, your cellphone never runs out of battery, your favourite song is just a click away — and ad campaigns never sleep.  

Dance to the DSP beats 🔈  

Usually, when a user selects a contract under Demand Business Rule, it is unclear which DSP and seat have been selected until reaching the Add/Edit menu, which is as inconvenient as your two favourite artists being scheduled to play at the same time.

Moving forward, the DSP and seat information will be shown as a first step. To activate this view, go to Demand and Programmatic. Under Business Rules select Add to activate “Step 1”, which includes the DSP and seat information. As soon as a contract is selected, the DSP name and seat name, as well as the external buyer ID, will be shown. Now that’s news that we can vibe with! 

Joining the festival line-up 👨‍🎤

Previously, when a line item was part of a line item bundle in “Bundle Delivery”, the Line Item Overview found in the Demand tab did not include information on booked volume and OSI. Getting this information quickly was as tough as finding your friend in the main stage crowd. With this update, the booked volume and OSI will be shown for line items within bundles in “Bundle Delivery”. 

Users can also access the new grid columns Line Item Bundle ID, Line Item Bundle Name, and Delivery Mode, which help to identify the correct line item bundle for a specific line item. These new filters are only available for Direct line items and will be empty for RTB line items. If you would like to have the Line Item Overview added to your account, please contact your Key Account Manager.

You’ll really want to copy these dance moves 🕺 

In smartx, media file URLs were not available in any other detail view or dialog and were manually retrieved from the source code for testing. To introduce greater convenience for users when managing Creatives, users are now able to copy media file URLS to the clipboard. 

In the Demand tab, under Direct and Creatives, click Add/Edit and select the creative type that uses media file transcoding (e.g. VAST / Video creative). Under the Basic tab go to the Media File section in order to copy the media file URL to the clipboard. This can be done by right-clicking in the field showing the media file URL, which will copy the URL to the clipboard. 

Now, does everyone have their dancing shoes ready to go? 

Reporting takes the stage! 🎤

The existing Log Level Data Export in Reporting that we provide for some customers has been extended with the following fields:

  • id_vod
  • creative_duration
  • id_bundle
  • rtb_api
  • content_title
  • content_genre
  • Id_adbreak

The change has already been implemented on the smartx platform and is available for all customers who use log-level data when aggregating raw data in their own systems. All in all, it’s more information for you to see — now if only we could find a way to see around that tall guy blocking our view of the stage.

Yours in product updates and partying like it’s 2019 again,
smartclip Product Marketing Team

Elana is the Product Marketing Manager at smartclip Europe and is responsible for platform/product communication and marketing. She enjoys turning complex technical topics into relatable and engaging content.

Elana Harrison
Product Marketing Manager Europe