21 April, 2021

Shall We Compare smartx to a Summer’s Day?

Stepeth aside Prince of Denmark, and make way for the ruliest rulers in all the land: Ad Rules!

Shakespearean looking smartclip character holds smartx branded laptop with one hand and says, to Ad Rule or not to Ad Rule?

smartxers, Romans, Country folk, 

Lend us your ears as we introduce a platform feature that, though has been among us for many years, is undergoing a transformation so magnificent, it will no doubt join the ranks of other famous rulers! So, stepeth aside Prince of Denmark, and make way for one of the ruliest rulers in all the land: Ad Rules!

Ye Olde Ad Rules Revamp

Hear ye, hear ye! The smartcourt has declared that Supply Ad Rules are worthy of a revamp! We are therefore enhancing our Ad Rules capabilities to give media owners even more control and flexibility to curate a user ad experience that is similar to linear television. We originally created the Ad Rules component of the Supply tab to allow media owners to dictate how many ads can be delivered within an ad break using podding. As we bring on more broadcaster clients, we want to cater to their diverse business needs by adding to our existing features in Ad Rules. 

Before we add more functionalities, however, we must make some royal adjustments to the adserver and restructure the layout to create a better foundation that supports current and future improvements. This new structure will enable the following functionalities, which we will be releasing over the next few months!

  • Custom Key-Value Targeting within Ad Rules
  • Defining which Content an Ad Rule should apply for
  • Additional ad settings within an Ad Rule
  • Separate settings in case there are multiple mid-roll breaks

The revamp will not compromise any historical data as we migrate to the new data model, so users can rest assured that no information will be lost in the new Ad Rules layout. 

Off with tree view! 

And so we begin our tale by bidding adieu to the original tree view in Ad Rules. In doing so, smartxers will see the same grid view as other parts of the platform. Moving to this format makes it easier to see more details for each Ad Rule directly in the overview. The new view includes all information from ye olde Ad Rules with the addition of a Content Length and Settings column for a more detailed overview. 

The new Content Length column shows the duration of the content this Ad Rule should apply for. The Settings column shows the available ad formats via a green (active) or grey (inactive) icon. Mouseover descriptions are also available for each Ad Type for easy reference. 

What’s in a grid?

A new grid is nothing without a new add/edit dialogue. We are therefore adding a less complicated, more intuitive dialogue than the original that eliminates the need for Device Settings to be managed separately. In the original view, Ad Rules were only tied to one Placement Group, Site, or Publisher. Now users can utilise the new Inventory tab to select multiple Publishers, Sites, or Placement Groups.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but we shall be in your inbox again soon, perhaps it be morrow,

Ye Olde smartclip Marketing Team

Nicole is the Commercial Product Manager for smartclip Europe, bringing 8 years of adtech and digital marketing experience. A US native turned Dutch expatriate, Nicole’s programmatic journey includes publisher account management in the Benelux and Nordic regions, digital marketing strategy for media agencies, as well as product marketing for a pan-European audience. An explorer at heart, Nicole loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.

Nicole Gallegos
Commercial Product Manager