10 May, 2021

The Meteorologist Has Left the Building 👋

Come rain or shine, our latest updates will make you feel fine.

A smartclip character turned meteorologist is fed up with the stormy May weather forecast. Copy reads, And... I quit.

Hey there smartxers, 

Hooray for May, you say? Sure, it’s a cool time of year and all (quite literally 🥶), but we genuinely thought we’d be revelling in wall-to-wall sunshine by now. We don’t know about you, but the endlessly unreliable state of the weather is seriously trying our patience. 

Still, while the forecast may be wildly inaccurate, at least there’s one thing that we can rely on right now — the accuracy of direct campaign delivered volumes! That’s right, we made some adjustments to direct campaign reporting and more! 

Brace yourselves, this gust of updates might just knock you off your feet.

Delivery volumes are now more accurate than Michael van Gerwen 🎯

If you don’t know who Michael van Gerwen is, then you’re clearly missing out on the world of professional darts. He’s a role model for accuracy, and we just trumped him with a triple bullseye. 

The delivered volumes and OSI (of direct campaigns and guaranteed RTB deals) are based on real-time stats from the adserver. You may have noticed that these real-time stats sometimes differ from reporting numbers— that’s because the reporting aggregation calculates the final numbers using additional logic, for example by deduplicating tracked impressions. For that reason, this information should only be used as an indicator for current delivery. 

Now we don’t like to brag, but we’ve scored a real 180 (it doesn’t get any better than that in darts) with our latest update to this feature. From now on, once a campaign has ended, the delivered volumes of direct campaigns and RTB deals are updated with the actual numbers from Reporting, which are also used for billing. For direct campaigns and guaranteed deals, delivered volumes and OSI are now updated with final reporting numbers once the line item, line item bundle, campaign, or deal end date has been reached. 

Within the UI, a tooltip for delivered volumes and OSI now indicates whether the calculations are based on real-time stats, or if they have already been reconciled from the reporting tool. 

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any more precise, the OSI will be recalculated if the booked volume is changed after a campaign or guaranteed deal has ended.

Now how’s that for accuracy?! 

Yours in smartx platform updates and rivalling world-champion darts players with our innate accuracy. 

smartclip Product Marketing 

Lizzy Curry is our Content Marketing Marketing Manager Europe and is responsible for developing smartclip’s digital content offering across Europe. A British-born languages graduate with a penchant for the written word, Lizzy is based in Berlin and has over 7 years’ experience crafting compelling copy for an array of industry-leading brands.

Lizzy Curry
Content Marketing Manager Europe