10 August, 2020

The Universe Is Governed by a Cosmic Duality — And Now, So Is smartx ☯️✌️

What’s “exclude” without “include”? New advertiser domain inclusions bring balance to adomain exclusions in smartx.

Image of harmonious looking woman holding up peace fingers balancing on a board with an equally harmonious looking man. The board is balancing on top of a Yin-Yang. Copy reads, Restoring universal harmony...

Dear peaceful smartx-ers,

The scorching heat may have thrown off your zen, but Product Marketing is here to calm your inner being with a release that’s full of good vibes and positive energy… 

In other words, we added a button to the platform. 

What is Exclude without Include?

Excluding certain advertiser domains, advertisers, brands, and categories from inventory has always been possible in smartx, thanks to our intuitive Exclude button. Inclusions, on the other hand, are a different story. They were never an option on the platform and the imbalance was throwing off our chakras.What if a broadcaster or publisher needs to run on a whitelist and only include specific advertiser domains, advertisers, brands or categories? Luckily, we’ve added a new Include button. The Include and Exclude buttons are like yin and yang, living together in harmony on the smartx platform.

Now, whitelisting or blacklisting domains, advertisers, brands, and categories can be done directly in smartx. Our energy feels more balanced already.

Yours in smartx updates and ancient Chinese philosophy,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Product Marketing Manager for smartclip Europe responsible for developing and executing the messaging for smartclip products. She has a passion for transforming complex technical topics into digestible and relatable content. Nicole has been a part of the adtech industry for seven years, having worked in the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

Nicole Gallegos
Product Marketing Manager Europe