4 July, 2022

An Egg-squisite Out-Stream Player 🐣

Version 6.0 of the Out-Stream Player is here, better than any Fabergé Imperial egg and much less fragile.

Hello there,

Everyone drop whatever you’re doing (unless you are holding a Fabergé Imperial egg), and listen up! Version 6.0 of the Out-Stream Player is here, better than any fancy egg and much less fragile. The update includes design and layout changes that provide an improved look and feel — definitely fresher than a century-old egg.

The new configuration options include the ability to display the control buttons inside or outside the video area. For VPAID ads, the control elements are located outside of the video area. 

All icons are displayed in flat design, and while the player may not be covered in diamonds and gold, the customisable design allows for marketer branding and various colour options for the progress bar. Please note that the branding is turned off by default, and the standard progress bar colour is the smartclip corporate red. The player sizes are also standard and not customisable.

Additional configurations include: 

  • Minor design adjustments for different ad formats
  • “Advertising” Disclaimer (Displays “ADVERTISEMENT” by default)
  • Positioning/location of the control elements

This update is part of a larger “out-stream package”, including a new test site generator. The Test Site Generator gives users the ability to test the functionality of smartclip’s outstream player and new ad formats and share them with commercial partners, using various creative types. The tool has two sections: Creative Management, where all creatives that have been uploaded are displayed, and Test Site, which allows the user to create test pages by using the creatives uploaded to Creative Management. From the Test Site, a link is generated to a professional-looking subpage in the style of the smartclip homepage, which shows a visualisation of the outstream player with the creative.

Note that it is not yet possible to use outstream integrations when using the prebid.js adaptor. In order to activate the updated out-stream player, contact your Key Account Manager. 

Yours in product updates and pretending that it’s not a big deal that you just dropped a €30 million egg 🥚,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Elana is the Product Marketing Manager at smartclip Europe and is responsible for platform/product communication and marketing. She enjoys turning complex technical topics into relatable and engaging content.

Elana Harrison
Product Marketing Manager Europe