17 August, 2021

Be Our Guest

Join us as we dig into these platform updates!

smartclip character jumps for joy over a background of bowtie pasta. Copy reads, Bon appetit!

Bonjour smartxers, 

Product Marketing here, delighted to present to you the latest platform updates. We have an inviting spread for you today, so, tie your napkin ’round your neck, chérie and we’ll provide the rest!

Viewability du jour

Viewability is essential when tracking the effectiveness of video ads. We just can’t get enough of it, so, we’ve expanded our reporting to include viewability metrics from Moat directly in smartx. Now, viewability KPIs can be retrieved for a number of dimensions. This includes: 

  • Campaign 
  • Creative 
  • Demand Network 
  • Line Item
  • Line Item Bundle
  • Network
  • Placement Group
  • Placement
  • Publisher
  • RTB Creative
  • Site

The three Moat KPIs (Moat Measurable Impressions, Moat Viewable Impressions, and Moat Viewability Rate) will be enabled for the following user groups and dashboards:

User groups: smartclip Reporting, Business Development, smartclip Demand Operations Europe, smartclip Deal Management, and Ad Alliance DE – Campaign Management

Dashboards: Bus-Dev, Deal Performance & Direct Campaign Report, Deal Performance & Direct Campaign Report

If you would like to add the KPIs to other dashboards, please contact support. While this release only applies to Moat data, we will integrate with data from Meetrics in the next iteration. 

Finance en flambe 

Thanks to our robust Metadata Finance Reporting, we no longer need to limit the “lookback” period when pulling historical data. We, therefore, removed any restrictions related to the maximum lookback

Please note that the “lookback” describes how far into the past data can be retrieved. There are still restrictions for retrieving data for a certain period of time (for example, 3 months). This means a user could retrieve data from January 2019 – March 2019, but not from January 2019 – July 2021.

External ID souffle 

The optional External Identifier field will now have its own column available on the Advertiser and Agency grid views, making it easier to reference and export this information.

Yours in writing too many product updates on an empty stomach,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Commercial Product Manager for smartclip Europe, bringing 8 years of adtech and digital marketing experience. A US native turned Dutch expatriate, Nicole’s programmatic journey includes publisher account management in the Benelux and Nordic regions, digital marketing strategy for media agencies, as well as product marketing for a pan-European audience. An explorer at heart, Nicole loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.

Nicole Gallegos
Commercial Product Manager