2 June, 2021

🔥 Hot Off the Grill: The Segment Builder

The sun’s out, our (burger) buns are out, and our Segment Builder targeting tool — that’s out too!

smartclipper holds sausage with a burger background to celebrate BBQ season. Copy reads, steak-holders are gonna love this!

Hey there smartclippers,

The sun’s out, our (burger) buns are out, and everyone is queueing at the smartBBQ to get their hands on our hot new campaign targeting tool, the Segment Builder!

Same same but different

Our Demand team has been using the Segment Builder to target Addressable TV (ATV) campaigns for a while now, and the tool was just too good to keep to ourselves. We’re spreading the love with the launch of our self-service Segment Builder that allows campaign management teams to set up and target line items with a fancy new smartclip UI. 

The Segment Builder has feature parity to the original internal tool with a few bonus features such as increased device support, more segment filtering options, and double the available broadcasting time. Double the time and double the heat! 

This hot tool can be used for cross-device campaign targeting that pulls information directly from our HbbTV log database, making it possible to manage campaign targeting for both ATV and online video campaigns!

If it gets hotter than this, we’ll have to call the fire department. 🚒 

Yours in serving up sizzling hot product updates,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Product Marketing Manager for smartclip Europe responsible for developing and executing the messaging for smartclip products. She has a passion for transforming complex technical topics into digestible and relatable content. Nicole has been a part of the adtech industry for seven years, having worked in the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

Nicole Gallegos
Product Marketing Manager Europe