19 October, 2020

We Hope This Release Causes Some Snickers 🍫

The only thing better than reading about new features that simplify campaign optimisation? Reading about it with CHOCOLATE!

Image of a smartclipper floating in a sea of ooey gooey chocolate. The character has heart eyes and a space helmet with the copy, Houston we have a chocolate problem

Hey there smartx-ers,

We don’t know about you but when the Autumn gloom sinks in, there’s nothing like cozying up on the sofa with a warm beverage and a fancy box of chocolates to get you through the day. Ok, let’s be real. We’ll take any excuse to consume the magic cacao bean in any form.

Some call it a chocolate problem… we call it a chocolate solution. 

Less reporting, more chocolate

Monitoring the daily delivery of line items is essential for smartx-ers to ensure that targeting has been set up correctly and campaigns run as expected. We can do this by pulling daily reports from the platform. However, even that can be quite time consuming, stealing time that is better spent consuming chocolate 🤤.

To simplify and speed up the process we are adding a daily delivery tooltip feature to the line items grid in Direct Campaigns. Once you add the following metrics to your grid view, the tooltip will show the data for that day when you hover over an individual line item:

  • Delivered Impressions / Volume
  • Delivered Clicks
  • Delivered View Throughs (only in the Direct Campaigns grid)

Minor Improve-mint chocolate chips 🍪

  • Users now have the option of adding more Meetrics Parameters to VAST Overlay creatives. These optional parameters can be added under the Meetrics Script under the Tracking tab for creative settings. This setting will also be extended to other Creative Types as well, so stay tuned!
  • We have added a Viewability preset to Demand Business Rules and Direct Campaigns, allowing Direct Campaigns and Demand Business Rules to have the viewability tracking turned on automatically. This will eliminate the need of users to manually enable viewability tracking per campaign. 

Yours in reporting the latest smartx updates and stocking up on enough chocolate varieties to last the winter,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Commercial Product Manager for smartclip Europe, bringing 8 years of adtech and digital marketing experience. A US native turned Dutch expatriate, Nicole’s programmatic journey includes publisher account management in the Benelux and Nordic regions, digital marketing strategy for media agencies, as well as product marketing for a pan-European audience. An explorer at heart, Nicole loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.

Nicole Gallegos
Commercial Product Manager