19 October, 2021

The Name’s clip, smartclip 🤵

We’re shaking (not stirring) things up on the smartx platform!

smartclip character dressed as James Bond sits in Aston Martin. Copy reads, Yes, Q, approaching GAFA territory now.

Hey smartxers,

Special agent 00smartx here, delivering the latest platform update developed by Q, aka the brains of this operation, aka the Platform Team. Hop in our Aston Martin as we cruise down picturesque highways to defeat the GAFAs, one cheesy one-liner at a time.

Creatives: Shaken Not Stirred 🍸

Per Daniel Craig’s request, we adjusted the “Step 1” popup window that appears when setting up creatives. Now, multi-marketplace users will need to select the appropriate marketplace before moving on to the setup editor. Ok, maybe Daniel wasn’t the one who inspired this update (though if he was a smartx user, we’re certain he would have multiple marketplaces). Either way, this popup window will also appear when copying a creative. Please note that the marketplace and creative type cannot be changed once saved for both new and copied creatives.

That’s it for this week! Now if you excuse us, we need to get back to our licensed troubleshooting.

Yours in smartx platform updates and saving the world from double agent Zuck,

smartclip Product Marketing Team

Nicole is the Product Marketing Manager for smartclip Europe responsible for developing and executing the messaging for smartclip products. She has a passion for transforming complex technical topics into digestible and relatable content. Nicole has been a part of the adtech industry for seven years, having worked in the United States, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

Nicole Gallegos
Product Marketing Manager Europe