4 April 2023

Digitalisation of Broadcast TV Advertising: smartclip Announces the Programmatic Linear TV Ad Break Replacement

The newly introduced adtech innovation automates the buying and delivery process for linear TV ad breaks based on a programmatic addressable TV buying framework.
Image of couple watching TV.

7 March 2023

Warner Bros. Discovery baut sein Addressable TV-Angebot aus und setzt dafür auf die Technologie von smartclip 

Der ATV Spot ist ab sofort für die Sender DMAX und TLC buchbar, die RTL-Vermarkter Ad Alliance und RTL AdAlliance übernehmen national und international die exklusive Co-Vermarktung des ATV-Inventars und von discovery+.
A portrait of Frank Plähn

1 March 2023

smartclip appoints Frank Plähn as Vice President of Audience Products

Plähn to level up audience product roadmap for RTL Group’s adtech development unit.

16 January 2023

Game On: Engaging the Ever-Growing Casual Gaming Audience with Rewarded Video Ads

smartclip explores casual gaming advertising and the rewarded video ad format in new white paper, sharing key insights, and real-world data to enable advertisers to fully realise the potential of this expanding market

16 January 2023

Game On : Engager l’audience toujours plus grande des jeux vidéo grand public par des annonces vidéo avec récompenses.

smartclip analyse la publicité des jeux vidéo grand public et le format des annonces vidéo avec récompenses à travers un nouveau livre blanc, partageant des informations clés et des données rigoureuses pour faire découvrir aux annonceurs le potentiel de ce marché en pleine expansion.

16 January 2023

Modalità Game ON per smartclip: coinvolgere il pubblico sempre più numeroso dei casual game con Rewarded Video Ads

smartclip esplora l’advertising su casual game e i formati video rewarded in un nuovo white paper e ne condivide key insights e dati che consentono agli inserzionisti di fare leva sul potenziale di questo mercato in espansione.

16 January 2023

Game on: Wie man die wachsende Casual Gaming-Community mit Rewarded Video Ads erreicht

Das neue Whitepaper von smartclip widmet sich dem Thema Videowerbung für Casual Gamer und dem Format Rewarded Video Ads. Darin enthalten sind wichtige Erkenntnisse und reale Daten für Werbetreibende, damit diese das Potenzial des schnell wachsenden Marktes voll ausschöpfen können.

15 December 2022

smartclip and Ad Alliance offer Addressable Add Ons for TV Advertising

The TV Add On suite enhances advertising impact by personalising linear TV spots with Addressable TV formats. The product, developed by smartclip, is now available as part of the Ad Alliance portfolio in Germany.

15 December 2022

Noch mehr Werbelösungen für Addressable TV

Smartclip und Ad Alliance bieten mit den neuen TV Add Ons adressierbare Targeting-Ergänzungen für lineare Fernsehwerbung an.

8 June 2022

smartclip Italia E LG Ads Solutions Entrano Nei Salotti Italiani

Connected TV: smartclip ufficializza la partnership esclusiva con LG Ads Solutions per l’advertising su oltre 3.2 milioni di TV LG in Italia.

12 May 2022

European-Built Adtech: smartclip Acquires Realytics

The joint offer accelerates the convergence of video advertising ecosystems, including broadcast and digital TV

12 May 2022

smartclip, Filiale du Groupe RTL Acquiert Realytics

Le Groupe ambitionne de créer une alternative Européenne aux grandes plateformes de l’Adtech

28 April 2022

New study reveals how personalised advertising and creativity can answer consumers’ lack of attention

A common research from RTL AdConnect and smartclip analysed the video viewing habits of consumers across 10 European markets, and their relationship with TV and advertising across platforms.

28 March 2022

smartclip announces new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The DEI Committee will work closely with smartclip management to ensure tight alignment with the organisation's overall business strategy and to help institutionalise practices that support and accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion goals

8 February 2022

smartclip Launches New Solution for Privacy-Safe and ID-Free Targeting

smart Audiences enables advertisers to target audience segments based on privacy-safe sociodemographic online and offline data and contextual reference

26 October 2021

“Addressable TV Advertising: New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences”

smartclip Europe publishes white paper exploring the latest trends in Addressable TV advertising and the advantages it brings to every type of advertiser.

21 October 2021

Amobee and smartclip Announce TechAlliance, Europe’s First Broadcaster-Centric, Cross-Screen Advertising Platform

Landmark Collaboration Will Unify Inventory, Data Privacy, and Addressable TV Identity Strategies for Brands and Broadcasters
CTV partnership rlaxxTV smartcip

20 September 2021

smartclip partners with linear streaming service rlaxx TV

The channel-based and ad-funded video on demand service will be monetised by smartclip across Europe.
Clubbing TV CTV Ad Alliance

13 July 2021

Clubbing TV im Connected TV-Portfolio der Ad Alliance

Digitaler Streamingdienst rund um elektronische Musik wird durch Ad Alliance und smartclip in Deutschland und Europa vermarktet.
Clubbing TV Connected TV Europe

13 July 2021

smartclip partners with Clubbing TV to monetise connected TV inventory

Clubbing TV bolsters the smartclip CTV inventory across Austria, Switzerland, the Nordic markets, Italy, Spain, France and the UK.
Elena Giovanotti smartclip

26 May 2021

Nomine e nuovi ingressi in smartclip Italia

Da gennaio Elena Giovanetti in carica in qualità di Publisher and Product Director.
smartclip Italy partners with samsung Ads

12 May 2021

smartclip e Samsung Ads insieme per la pianificazione su Connected TV

Pionieri nell’offerta online video, ATV e CTV, l’azienda ad tech annuncia la nuova collaborazione con Samsung Ads attraverso il formato Homescreen Engagement Ad.
smartclip Nordics Managing Directors Halvard Kristiansen and Stephen Byrne

11 May 2021

smartclip Nordics utser Halvard Kristiansen och Stephen Byrne till gemensamma verkställande direktörer

Videospecialisten delar upp ansvaret för demand- och supplyteamen i Norden, rekryterar Halvard och befordrar Stephen,och utnämner samtidigt båda till verkställande direktörer.
smartclip Nordics announce New Managing Directors

11 May 2021

smartclip Nordics utnevner Halvard Kristiansen og Stephen Byrne til Managing Directors i Norden

Videoplattformen deler opp ansvaret for mediesalg- og publisist teamene i Norden mellom Halvard og Stephen, og utnevner samtidig begge til Managing Directors.
Press release: smartclip partners with Tastemade

6 May 2021

smartclip to monetise Tastemade offering across Europe

Tastemade’s lifestyle programming complements the Ad Alliance CTV inventory in Germany and will be monetised by smartclip across multiple European markets.

25 March 2021

smartclip Unveils Brand Refresh and New Website

smartclip announced the launch of their new video-rich, user-centric website. The new site showcases the full portfolio of RTL Group’s adtech development hub.

18 February 2021

smartclip Europe and XITE partner on Connected TV monetisation

Interactive music video platform XITE bolsters the Ad Alliance CTV Inventory in Germany, partnership to be expanded to more European markets.

18 February 2021

XITE erweitert Ad Alliance-Portfolio

Ad Alliance erweitert mit dem niederländischen Musik-TV-Anbieter XITE sein Media-Inventar im Bereich Connected TV (CTV).

16 February 2021

Ad Alliance Netherlands and smartclip announce strategic partnership

Ad Alliance Netherlands migrates to the video monetization technology of smartclip to power its video monetization.

21 January 2021

RTL AdConnect und smartclip arbeiten zusammen, um internationalen Werbekunden in Europa moderne ATV- und Videowerbelösungen anzubieten

Vereinbarung über internationale Vermarktungs- und Technologiepartnerschaft für Video- und Addressable TV-Kampganen in Europa unterzeichnet.

21 January 2021

RTL AdConnect e smartclip insieme per fornire soluzioni di ATV e video advertising

La collaborazione in ambito media sale e technology ha lo scopo di mettere a disposizione degli advertiser internazionali in Europa le soluzioni avanzate di ATV e video adv della piattaforma ad tech.

21 January 2021

RTL AdConnect and smartclip team up to bring advanced ATV and video advertising solutions to international advertisers in Europe

Extended media sales and technology partnership agreement for online video and Addressable TV signed

12 January 2021

Goldbach Austria startet mit Addressable TV Angebot

Goldbach und Technologie-Partner smartclip ermöglichen Addressable TV-Werbung auf DMAX Austria und TLC Austria

23 December 2020

smartclip: 2021 all’insegna dell’Addressable TV

Addrassable TV, programmatic nell’ATV e estensione del network di broadcaster le novità attese per il nuovo anno

21 December 2020

Preferred Partner: Goldbach Austria vermarktet Video-Inventar von smartclip in Österreich

Führende Medienmarken und In-Stream Umfelder ergänzen das Goldbach Video Network in Österreich.

11 December 2020

smartclip renews partnership with Mail Metro Media across Europe

Mail Metro Media has enhanced its partnership with programmatic partner smartclip to power video monetisation across Europe.

29 October 2020

smartclip and Nordic Data Resources enable cookieless socio-demographic video targeting

Partnership allows advertisers to deep target their audiences based on social and geographic microgrids - and still ensure users’ privacy.

28 October 2020

smartclip appoints Aki Ronkainen Head of Sales for the Finnish market to drive further growth in the region

Ronkainen will take smartclip’s business in the region to the next phase.

2 July 2020

Burda Community Network nutzt Video Ad Tech Stack und Expertise von smartclip

BCN setzt auf Adserver- und SSP-Technologie sowie In- und Out-Stream Monetarisierung durch smartclip

29 May 2020

ATRESMEDIA and smartclip to deepen strategic partnership

Agreement sees further development of Addressable TV advertising within live linear broadcast through HbbTV in Spain

18 May 2020

smartclip firma la prima campagna in Italia di Cross-Device Targeting su Addressable TV per Hill’s Pet Nutrition

La campagna, curata da Wavemaker e distribuita sul network tv di smartclip ha fatto leva sul formato Lanner Interattivo Click-to-Video con Cross-Device Targeting su dispositivi destop e mobile appartenenti allo stesso nucleo familiare.

28 April 2020

The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe

smartclip launches white paper, outlining the future of targeted TV advertising in Europe

28 April 2020

Lo stato dell’arte dell’Addressable TV Advertising in Europa

Da smartclip il white paper che delinea il futuro dell’advertising televisivo addressable nei mercati europei

28 April 2020

Situación de la publicidad Addressable TV en Europa

smartclip lanza un libro blanco, donde se describe el futuro del publicidad Addressable TV en Europa

27 April 2020

smartclip ackrediteras med IAB Gold Standard

smartclip har som första adtechbolag för online video ackrediteras IAB Gold Standard i Sverige.

18 April 2020

smartclip Europa incorpora a Verónica G. Villafranca y Cristina Sánchez González

Villafranca asume la posición de Key Account Manager y gestionará las cuentas de Atresmedia y smartclip LATAM y Sánchez comienza como Key Account Manager para smartclip España.

24 March 2020

Ad Alliance launcht übergreifende ATV-Tagesfestplatzierung im linearen TV

Gelungener Start für Opel als Pilotkunde für ein völlig neues Addressable TV-Format: SwitchIn Masthead

13 January 2020

smartclip expands its sales team in the Nordics

Andreas Hawerfors joins the Swedish sales team at smartclip in Stockholm.

16 December 2019

Nissan: seconda campagna Addressable TV con smartclip

Pianificata attraverso OMD, la comunicazione ha fatto leva sul formato Lanner click to video per una user experience impattante e non invasiva.

10 December 2019

smartclip kreiert dynamische SwitchIn Bumper Video Ads für Addressable TV

Auf Zielgruppen ausgesteuerte Sechs-Sekunden-Spots im linearen Programmumfeld.

2 December 2019

smartclip e Alma Media: partnership per la distribuzione di campagne Addressable TV

Quattro i canali del Gruppo su cui sarà possibile pianificare campagne di Addressable TV: Alice, Marco Polo, Case Design Stili, Pop Economy

25 November 2019

smartclip: l’Addressable TV arriva su Sportitalia

È oggi possibile pianificare campagne di Addressable TV sul canale Sportitalia del Digitale Terrestre.

20 November 2019

smartclip strengthens team in the Nordics

Paul Seaward joins smartclip as Sales Manager in Norway. Hilde Marie Gundersen is promoted to Commercial Director Nordics.

12 November 2019

smartclip firma la campagna di Euromaster su Addressable TV

La campagna è stata distribuita sul network di smartclip e gestita da Havas Media con i formati Lanner Standard e Click-to-Video.

30 October 2019

Addressable TV-Werbung für alle Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken

smartclip und VR-NetWorld gehen strategische Partnerschaft ein; erste ATV-Kampagnen sind bereits live

Leadership quotes

Leadership quotes

8 June 2021

“To truly offer CTV across Europe at scale, the decision lies in the hands of the broadcasters. Major TV houses and independent AVOD services need to collaborate across markets and language barriers, but with local specifics in mind.”

Stephen Byrne, Managing Director Nordics & Executive Director New Partnerships Europe at Smartclip

13 April 2021

“HbbTV, Addressable TV, and TV viewing data are offering a major opportunity for European broadcasters. The key to success in a pursuit against US tech players is cooperation.”

Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV at smartclip
DVB Link

1 March 2021

“Outstream-Formate innerhalb seriöser Online-Medien sind eine gute Alternative zu Instream-Formaten. Outstream-Formate wirken deutlich aktivierender als ein reiner Image-Spot in einem Werbeblock. Die Werbebotschaft eines Spots kann innerhalb textbasierter Umfelder gut auf den Inhalt der Seite ausgesteuert werden.”

Fabian Burgey, Director Market Development DACH & Europe at smartclip

22 January 2021

“Gemeinsam mit RTL AdConnect als anerkanntem Vermarkter können wir nun zusätzlichen Zugang zu hochwertigen und markensicheren Total Video-Inventar bieten. Die erstklassige Expertise von RTL Ad Connect mit Blick auf die Bedürfnisse des europäischen Werbemarkts, kombiniert mit dem Portfolio und der Werbetechnologie von smartclip, machen diese Partnerschaft zu einer klaren Win-Win-Situation. ”

Dr. Oliver Vesper, Co-CEO & Managing Director Media & Operations at smartclip

18 November 2020

“Germany has really made HbbTV a serious and established product, which wasn’t really the case even two years ago,” said Busse. “But now when you speak to the broadcasters, they say it’s a very serious business for them.”

Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV at smartclip

13 July 2020

“The sharp division between online advertising and TV advertising creates silos both technologically and in agency personnel that hinders effective cross-device targeting. Data-driven TV advertising via the HbbTV standard – Addressable TV – provides the perfect bridge between both worlds.”

Dr. Oliver Vesper
videonet Link

28 April 2020

“Bereits Anfang März, als die ersten 14 Corona-Fälle in Deutschland auftraten, haben wir unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter von der Straße geholt. Es wurde nicht mehr mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln gefahren, Meetings wurden abgesagt, das mobile Arbeiten für alle eingeführt. ”

Thomas Servatius

13 November 2019

“Smartphones, Tablets und smarte Fernseher sind inzwischen zu universellen Abspielgeräten geworden, auf denen lineare und nicht-lineare, kostenpflichtige und kostenfreie Videoangebote nur einen Klick weit entfernt liegen. Am beliebtesten ist dabei immer noch der Fernseher als Streaming-Gerät, doch wie die Entwicklung zeigt holen mobile Lösungen auf. Fakt ist aber auch, Inhalte und Werbeformen müssen für alle diese Nutzungsarten optimiert und auf das jeweilige Gerät, die Zielgruppe und den Nutzungskontext angepasst werden.”

Dr. Oliver Vesper Link

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