The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe

This extensive report covers strategies and insights into technologies, markets and practical opportunities, and illustrates how to merge traditional TV planning and digital targeting

Hamburg, 29 April 2020 – smartclip, Europe’s largest open adtech development unit for broadcasters and streaming services, today published a comprehensive white paper, entitled “The State of Addressable TV Advertising Across Europe”, providing an analysis of ATV advertising in major European markets, and the opportunities that smartclip’s ATV advertising solutions provide to European broadcasters and streaming services. The report bundles this overview with insights captured from interviews with senior industry executives — including members of RTL Group, Atresmedia, M6 Publicité, Discovery Inc, RTL AdConnect, and Ad Alliance. 

Dr. Oliver Vesper, Co-CEO and Managing Director at smartclip Europe explained: “We at smartclip have continuously supported broadcasters in fortifying their position within the market and with the release of this white paper, we are taking our findings to broadcasters and streaming services, on how to couple the unrivalled reach of European broadcast TV and digital targeting capabilities. European broadcasters have made a number of strategic moves to reassert their role in the industry. Addressable TV advertising solutions remain a key part in this strategy.”

Addressable TV advertising combines the best of TV with the best of digital, and represents a viable countermeasure for broadcasters in light of international tech giants entering into TV-like services and content offerings. Data-driven targeting within broadcast TV further caters to the needs of advertisers who are eager to employ the same degree of data-driven tactics used across internet platforms to TV advertising. 

Key takeaways from the white paper: 

  • Learn more about major challenges in the TV advertising ecosystem and effective ways in which European broadcasters are evolving their content strategies and reasserting their role in the industry
  • Understand what ATV advertising means, how it can be broken down and categorised, and the most important ATV opportunities for European broadcasters 
  • Understand what is needed (i.e. data management, technical infrastructure, targeting capabilities, and ad execution) to successfully enable ATV solutions at scale  
  • Explore basic and innovative targeting options and ad formats offered by smartclip, with real-world use cases  
  • Learn from industry experts and gain insights into ATV trends and opportunities, hurdles, and future projections for major TV markets across Europe

Please download the complete white paper, for more information.

About smartclip

At smartclip, we are shaping the future of video advertising. Our proprietary technology empowers brands with true cross-screen storytelling on all devices — and enables publishers to monetise their content in the most efficient and effective way possible. The smartclip portfolio encompasses best-in-class broadcasters, publishers, and brands that seek to traverse the boundaries of traditional advertising by delivering innovative, premium video ad experiences that propel the industry forward.

smartclip is headquartered in Hamburg, with offices in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Gütersloh, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan, and Rome. With a relevant footprint across Europe, smartclip enables branded distribution channels, creates innovative advertising solutions for interactive user experiences, and optimizes performance metrics.

As a subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, smartclip is part of RTL Group, Europe’s leading free-to-air broadcaster group. smartclip is the go-to partner for European broadcasters and streaming services, creating an open ad-tech development unit, based on proprietary technology and custom-tailored to their needs
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