smartclip Launches New Solution for Privacy-Safe and ID-Free Targeting

Hamburg, 08. February 2022 – smartclip, the adtech platform of RTL Group, today introduced smart Audiences, the next generation targeting solution that addresses the growing demand for non-intrusive targeting practices. smart Audiences integrates two proven cornerstones of identity-safe advertising in a streamlined offering: socio-demographic online and offline data and contextual targeting capabilities. The new offering represents a viable alternative to cookie-based targeting by ensuring that advertisers reach narrowly defined audience segments without infringing upon users’ privacy. Consequently, smart Audiences is an ID-free targeted solution that is fully GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

With smart Audiences advertisers can now reach predefined, custom-built, and multi-layered target groups — who represent marketing-relevant consumer segments, without tapping into privacy-sensitive data. Ten predefined target groups — or ‘personas’ — have been developed to cater to the needs and requests of advertisers. These personas encompass a wide range of interests and reflect realistic consumer behaviours.

The predefined segments range from tech- and business-focused audiences to peer groups that value their private lives. Tech- and business focused groups may include tech enthusiasts — who love gadgets and are regularly among first movers and trendsetters in terms of technical innovation — and affluent business professionals — who are in management positions and closely follow the stock market. More social and trend-oriented segments include modern families — that are focused on sustainability and maintaining a healthy work-life-balance — and interior design fans — who follow the latest arts and crafts trends.

In addition to the wide range of predefined personas, custom target groups can be built on demand. All target groups are based on two mainstays: smart SocioDemo and smart Context. Additional pillars will be added to ensure the best possible targeting options while honouring users’ privacy.

smart SocioDemo

smart SocioDemo targets audiences formed on socio-demographic signifiers and segments the population into a microgrid including social status and geographical location. Online marketing is connected with offline data that comes from various validated sources. smart SocioDemo accurately segments geographic micro areas by leveraging data such as average age, household size, and income. This innovative smartclip product is built upon a partnership with Global Data Resources (GDR) and their IDFree targeting solution. IDFree targeting has proven to be highly effective in pilot campaigns tests across Sweden, Norway, and Finland — indicating an index uplift of 250 to 350 depending on the target group.

smart Context

smart Context is a privacy-safe alternative for reaching relevant audiences — matching specific tastes and preferences. Instead of relying on cookie technology or personally identifiable information (PII), smart Context allows advertisers to target advertisements based on site, page, or app content. Relevant adverts appear when the user is viewing corresponding content. The targeting is not based on past or forecasted interest, it is based on the current interest of the user, reaching them at the moment they engage with the subject matter. Using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, smart Context determines which categories to assign to each site, page or app. These category definitions are based on IAB taxonomy and provided by DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics.

“Privacy and targeting are often seen as opposites, but that is not necessarily the case. We do not need to know each and every site a user visits in order to efficiently target specific user groups. smart Audiences solution is a testament to that”, said Thomas Servatius, Co-CEO and Managing Director Platform & Technology at smartclip Europe. “Local targeting enables advertisers to effectively capture audiences based on their chosen social sphere. By targeting content based on socio-demographic insights within content that fits the advertising brand and environments the user trusts, we create a beneficial advertising experience for both users and advertisers.”

smart Audiences also enables advertisers to address the growing amount of users and browsers that do not support third-party cookies by omitting cookies as a data source. smart Audiences can be used for both direct campaigns and programmatic guaranteed deals.

About smartclip

At smartclip, we are shaping the future of video advertising — delivering advanced online video and addressable TV advertising solutions. Our proprietary technology empowers brands with true cross-screen storytelling on all devices, and enables broadcasters and publishers to monetise their content in the most efficient and effective way possible. The smartclip portfolio encompasses best-in-class broadcasters, publishers, and brands that seek to traverse the boundaries of traditional advertising by delivering innovative, premium video ad experiences.

As a subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, smartclip is part of RTL Group — Europe’s leading free-to-air broadcaster group. Headquartered in Hamburg, smartclip has offices in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Gütersloh, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan and Rome.

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