smartclip and Ad Alliance offer Addressable Add Ons for TV Advertising

Hamburg / Cologne – 15 December 2022: More personalisation within the linear TV ad break: Ad Alliance and smartclip announced a new solution to enhance linear TV spots with targetable Addressable TV formats. Different audiences can be reached based on contact class, socio-demographic markers or  location. Dynamically added banner ads can be integrated into the linear TV spot or the complete spot can be replaced digitally. 

The TV Add On format range allows advertisers to individualise preexisting TV campaigns for defined target groups. Three options are available to best fit the campaign goals or spot format: The Spot Overlay (display) adds a banner at the bottom of the screen and overlays the preexisting spot, the Spot Frame (display) frames the spot with an L-banner and resizes the spot into the frame. The Spot Overlay (Video) replaces the existing spot with a target-specific alternative. Within the ATV Cut In format, the TV Add On can be used to integrate an interactive button that activates the viewer to purchase the product directly or provide additional information.

All TV Add On formats are fitted precisely into the linear TV-signal with unprecedented accuracy. This enables never before seen interaction between the linear TV spot and the digital Addressable TV ad. Advertisers can enhance the message of the spot precisely within a millisecond by showcasing audience-specific products and offers, or activating users on the spot. The frame-accurate replacement of spots allows for a seamless viewing experience.

“The technology the TV Add Ons are based on, allows us to insert digital ads into the linear TV broadcast within a split second. This generates totally new and dynamic combinations between linear and Addressable TV advertising”, said Thomas Servatius, CEO smartclip. “The combination of linear broadcast ad and individual digital formats via HbbTV and even the digital replacement of complete spots guarantee increased attention by the targeted audience groups.”

“The TV Add On formats enrich the broadcasted spot by adding relevant information for defined viewers. Advertisers can not only add current offers but also insert target group specific messages,” added Isabella Thissen, COO Ad Alliance. “An opportunity that is especially helpful for direct-to-consumer brands and shops. The linear spot offers a strong branding effect that can be combined with additional messages that can activate in the mid and low funnel.”

TV Add Ons can be delivered based on all regular Addressable TV targeting options such as contact class, viewing behaviour, and additional geo-targeting. Secondary data sources can also be used to refine the targeted delivery.

About smartclip:

smartclip is the adtech development unit of RTL Group — Europe’s leading free-to-air broadcaster group. Our proprietary advertising technology is custom-built for the needs of European broadcasters and publishers — enabling media owners to implement smarter monetisation strategies. We are committed to delivering the most innovative video ad experiences spanning in-stream, out-stream, connected TV, addressable TV, and gaming — ultimately empowering brands with true cross-screen storytelling opportunities on all devices. The media sales division of smartclip will merge with RTL AdConnect and G+J i|MS to form RTL AdAlliance, an international advertising and technology sales champion. Once the merger is complete, smartclip will focus strictly on technology development.

Headquartered in Hamburg, smartclip has offices in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Gütersloh, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan, and Rome. 

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