smartclip and Nordic Data Resources enable cookieless socio-demographic video targeting

A new partnership allows advertisers to deep target their audiences based on social and geographic microgrids – and still ensure users’ privacy

Oslo/Stockholm/Helsinki/Copenhagen, 29 October 2020 – The end of the cookie is coming at speed for the ad tech industry, and it’s time to start exploring sustainable alternatives. smartclip, Europe’s largest open adtech development unit for broadcasters and streaming services, and Nordic Data Resources, the leading privacy-safe audience data provider in the Nordics, are now cooperating to facilitate cookie less audience targeting. Nordic Data Resources’ ID-Free targeting solution is available for all smartclip services in the Nordics, allowing detailed socio-demographic geo-targeting within trusted Nordic media.

ID-Free Targeting segments the population into a microgrid based on social status and situation on a geographical level and connects online advertising with offline statistics. Advertisers can effectively target neighborhoods based on data such as average age, household size, and income.

“Privacy first: With ID-Free targeting, we can offer a future-proof and effective way for advertisers and agencies to target the right audience within trusted local media,” said Hilde Marie Gundersen, Commercial Director Nordics at smartclip. “Neighborhoods play a vital role in our lives and are often a reflection of our lifestyle. Targeting locally and based on local data enables advertisers to capture audiences based on their chosen environment effectively. First trials show promising results and high acceptance among agencies and advertisers.”

smartclip is the first SSP to cooperate with Nordic Data Resources. ID-Free Targeting is available for both In- and Out-Stream video advertising within the premium smartclip portfolio, encompassing trusted local publishers and well-known international media outlets.

“smartclip is a market leader when it comes to effective total video advertising within trusted media and is the perfect partner to expand our proposition to video advertising,” said Göran Eklöf, co-founder and SVP Business Development at Nordic Data Resources. “Extensive reach and deep Targeting are prerequisites for effective online video advertising solutions in the post-cookie world. This partnership can offer just that while honoring users’ privacy.”

About smartclip

At smartclip, we are shaping the future of video advertising. Our proprietary technology empowers brands with true cross-screen storytelling on all devices — and enables publishers to monetise their content in the most efficient and effective way possible. The smartclip portfolio encompasses best-in-class broadcasters, publishers, and brands that seek to traverse the boundaries of traditional advertising by delivering innovative, premium video ad experiences that propel the industry forward.

smartclip is headquartered in Hamburg, with offices in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Gütersloh, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan, and Rome. With a relevant footprint across Europe, smartclip enables branded distribution channels, creates innovative advertising solutions for interactive user experiences, and optimizes performance metrics.

As a subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, smartclip is part of RTL Group, Europe’s leading free-to-air broadcaster group. smartclip is the go-to partner for European broadcasters and streaming services, creating an open ad-tech development unit, based on proprietary technology and custom-tailored to their needs

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About Nordic Data Resources

NDR is based on a clear vision of data transparency and user privacy. We were born through Privacy-By-Design in 2015 and have since protected users’ right to private information. We only work with official census data on a neighborhood level, and with consumer classifications – i.e., without collecting private data. Together with our transparent and reliable data-partners, we are elite providers of data-led and multi-platform Targeting.Please get to know us better at &  LinkedIn

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