Q&A: Impact of COVID-19 on Addressable TV Developments

How has Covid-19 impacted the development of Addressable TV (ATV) across Europe?

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has had a deleterious impact on the entire advertising industry as most brands have massively cut back on their advertising budgets. However, when we look specifically at ATV, there have been many positive trends and developments despite the overall economic situation. It even seems that the pressure on the economy caused by Covid-19 has accelerated some developments and decisions.

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Sebastian Busse is the Director of Addressable TV at smartclip, focusing on the development of Europe’s largest Addressable TV platform and solutions specifically designed European broadcasters. The smartclip Addressable TV Platform, explicitly built for the TV industry, brings digital advertising and analytic solutions to linear TV and unlocks new potential for broadcasters and advertisers. Sebastian has a Business Administration and Management degree from BA Heidenheim and a Masters degree in Sport Management from the Griffith University.

Sebastian Busse
Director Addressable TV