Get to know the Target Audience Mapper

In the world of Addressable TV advertising, broadcasters’ most valuable inventory is their TV programmes. Not only is TV programming constantly changing, but that content is also highly diverse, holding different value for different advertisers. Broadcasters are in need of an automated solution, that guarantees highly curated ad deliveries within the most appropriate programmes for their advertisers while reaching the most relevant audiences. 

That’s where we come in. Introducing the Target Audience Mapper. 

The latest version of our Target Audience Mapper allows you to create and manage static and dynamic containers with the click of a button. Manually curated static containers consist of programmes based on the specific needs of a campaign. Whereas dynamic containers automatically combine programs based on a specified set of rules and channels. Now you can combine TV programmes that represent a specific audience group for more efficient targeting. If you need a white list of brand-safe programs for your campaign, use a static container or target a certain genre during a specific time frame with a dynamic container. 

Ensure ad delivery to the right audiences every time with smartclip!

Harshita is the Marketing Design Manager Europe and has been a working student with smartclip since April 2021. She is responsible for the production of video content for the website, sales marketing collateral, and content distribution channels. Harshita is currently working on her master’s thesis in Integrated Design with a focus on emotional durability of products. Prior to joining smartclip, Harshita gained 4 years of working experience for various Asian brands back in her home country, India, before moving to Europe.

Harshita Parnami
Marketing Design Manager Europe