Introducing the Fully Addressable Linear TV Ad Break

Digitisation and changes in consumption behaviours are fundamentally changing the entire TV advertising industry. 

Advertisers are eager to apply the data-driven tactics of online advertising to their TV strategies. At the same time, Silicon Valley giants have made significant advances to gain control of the big screen. This is all placing pressure on broadcasters to adapt and reassert their role in the industry.

That’s where we come in. Introducing, the fully Addressable TV ad break — the real-time, targeted substitution of any or all ads within the linear TV ad break, tailored to a single device. 

With the fully Addressable TV ad break, broadcasters gain unique selling points such as

  • Granular targeting capabilities 
  • Efficient control features
  • And personalised ad messaging 

This is achieved, all while ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience. 

Gain access to adtech and TV monetisation tools built for the future with smartclip.

Harshita is the Marketing Design Manager Europe and has been a working student with smartclip since April 2021. She is responsible for the production of video content for the website, sales marketing collateral, and content distribution channels. Harshita is currently working on her master’s thesis in Integrated Design with a focus on emotional durability of products. Prior to joining smartclip, Harshita gained 4 years of working experience for various Asian brands back in her home country, India, before moving to Europe.

Harshita Parnami
Marketing Design Manager Europe