Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD)

Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD) is the term used for streaming services offered by traditional TV broadcasters that allow viewers access to their linear and on-demand content (via a connected TV, set-top box, mobile device, or PC).

BVOD is offered as a complement to the broadcaster’s Linear TV schedule. BVOD platforms give viewers the opportunity to stream the broadcaster’s live TV channels, catch-up on shows they missed when they aired live, or stream the broadcaster’s exclusive, digital-only commissions as well as archived shows.BVOD services are offered and monetised in a variety of ways. Some are offered free to viewers and without ads, and are financed by mandatory broadcast contributions or TV licence fees. And some monetise via viewer subscription fees and/or ads that appear alongside the streamed content. On services where ads appear, advertisers have access to precise targeting capabilities based on first-party data from the platform’s owner. In addition, the fact that ads only appear next to premium broadcast-quality content – not user-generated content – enhances trust among viewers and gives advertisers more control over brand safety. Examples of BVOD services include Videoland in the Netherlands (RTL Netherlands), RTL+ in Germany, BBC iPlayer (which is funded by the UK’s TV licence fee) in the UK, and 6play in France.