Do Your Thing Day: The only thing better than PTO is surprise PTO!

Since it began, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown up its fair share of challenges, not least when it comes to adapting to our new work from home environment. Gone are the days of commuting, in-person meetings, and wearing pants to work — at least for the time being. Trouser puns aside (we tend to get carried away with pantless WFH jokes), the living space where we kick back after a long day at the office now doubles up as a workspace, sometimes blurring the boundaries between work and home life.

Despite these hurdles, our team has shown real resilience, continuing to pull out all the stops during these testing times. Of course, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by our upper management. While a number of measures have been taken to ensure the wellbeing of every smartclipper throughout the pandemic, it was clear to upper management that a virtual Happy Hour alone wouldn’t cut the mustard to show their appreciation for all our hard work. To give a real hats off, the entire team was rewarded with an additional paid day off, aptly dubbed a “Do Your Thing” day. Extending the Easter break, the idea was to make sure that employees take some time away from the desk to do what makes them tick, or simply put their feet up.

And so… “Do our thing” we did! 

Our smartclippers really went to town on their day off (well, not literally since we’re still in lockdown). “But how can you be sure of that?”, you ask. Thanks to a flurry of pictures posted on our “Do Your Thing” Slack channel, we got a glimpse of what our employees were up to, and a sneak peek into their lives outside smartclip. 

Cycling, baking, and wedding ring making are just a few of the activities chosen, while unknown passions for motorcycling and flying aircrafts were also revealed. What’s more, we were over the moon to see our employees spending some quality time with their nearest and dearest, furry friends included.

As the photos continue to roll in, here are a few more of our favourite shots of the team doing their thing!

Lizzy Curry was formerly a Content Marketing Marketing Manager at smartclip.

Lizzy Curry
Content Marketing Manager Europe