Programmatic Guaranteed Deal

A programmatic guaranteed deal is a one-to-one deal where the advertiser and publisher agree on the number of impressions and the price in advance. Each makes a guarantee to the other – the advertiser will buy a certain number of impressions and pay the agreed price, and the publisher will deliver those impressions and charge the agreed price.

When a programmatic guaranteed deal is set up on the smartx platform, the buyer adds minimal settings on the DSP side. As the inventory is guaranteed to the buyer, all the delivery and targeting is steered on the smartx side. The buyer will automatically bid on almost all bid requests coming from the SSP and the SSP applies the pre-agreed settings, such as a fixed CPM, pacing, frequency capping, and further targeting specifications, to ensure the required impressions are delivered.

Programmatic guaranteed deals are one of three types of programmatic direct deals available on the smartx platform, alongside direct deals and direct guaranteed deals (see separate definitions).