Building a Sustainable Local Video Market

Since the dawn of television advertising, video has been a wildly successful medium for marketing. Video evokes emotions, and holds the power to be a significant amplifier of brand messages. With digitalisation, video has branched out from the TV screen and has become the number one form of media consumption online — across platforms and devices. 

Today, we are consuming more video than ever before. 

It is projected that video will account for 82% of global web traffic by 2022 (Cisco, 2018). A closer look at Europe, illustrates the same degree of growth. According to Conviva, online video consumption on the continent grew by 65% between 2018 and 2019 alone (Conviva, 2019). As a result, online video ad spend grew by over 30% in Europe over the last year (IAB Europe, 2019).  

Nordic countries are at the forefront of digital advertising — ranking among top countries worldwide with the highest percentage of digital ad spend (emarketer, 2019). However, a vast majority of new online advertising revenue is concentrated among two Silicon Valley giants, Facebook and Google, to the detriment of local players (Guillaume Klossa, 2019). 

In celebration of our 10th anniversary in the Nordic market, we are excited to announce the launch of a new smartclip Nordics video, which showcases our Total Video solution and advances our efforts to create a non-monopolised and sustainable local video advertising market.

Our Total Video solution enables local publishers and advertisers to capture the true potential of video advertising while offering local audiences a better user experience.

We invite Nordic media owners to join forces in winning back revenues from global tech giants. And we invite advertisers and agencies to leverage the reach and uniqueness of audiences across a rich local ecosystem of premium brands and professional content. 

We hope that you decide to join us in creating a non-monopolised and sustainable local video market — where everyone wins.  

Shira Leffel

Shira Leffel is the VP of Marketing & Product Education and is responsible for leading the central European marketing and product education department at smartclip. She has lived and worked in the United States, Canada, Israel, Mozambique, Brazil, and now Germany. Shira comes with extensive experience in marketing for B2B technology startups. She has built out marketing teams and strategies—her core expertise lies in content strategy, most notably inbound content marketing. Shira graduated Summa Cum Laude and First in Class with an M.A. from Tel Aviv University, and First Class Honours with a B.A. from the University of British Columbia.

Shira Leffel
VP Marketing & Product Education