7 May, 2021

Webinar: Exploring HbbTV and Targeted TV Advertising In Europe

Sebastian Busse, Director of Addressable TV at smartclip, discusses the importance of HbbTV technology in an exclusive DVB webinar.
Image of Sebastian Busse From Webinar On Exploring HbbTV and Targeted TV Advertising In Europe

Last month, we were thrilled to be part of DVB’s webinar series, “Using Targeted Advertising on Broadcast Television.” In this first instalment, “The Targeted Advertising opportunity for free-to-air broadcasters”, our Director of Addressable TV, Sebastian Busse, opened the show with his presentation, “HbbTV – Driving the success story of targeted advertising in Europe.”

Sebastian offered a detailed overview of the importance of Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) for Addressable TV advertising and standardisation within the broadcast industry. He explained why this technology standard is one of the biggest opportunities for European broadcasters when it comes to digitising TV advertising. HbbTV enables them to implement ATV into their core business — live linear broadcast TV through satellite, cable, or antenna — and allows broadcasters to maintain control over their content and data. HbbTV has gained significant traction across European TV markets over the last few years. Sebastian’s presentation explores this growth, offering a recap on the history of HbbTV product development to date and projections on the future of HbbTV-based ATV advertising.    

Following Sebastian’s presentation, Arturo Larrainzar, Head of Strategy at Atresmedia, and Silvia Broggi, International Marketing & MarTech Director at Publitalia ‘80, took to the stage to share their own knowledge and expertise. 

The full webinar is available to watch here.

Sebastian Busse is the Director of Addressable TV at smartclip, focusing on the development of Europe’s largest Addressable TV platform and solutions specifically designed European broadcasters. The smartclip Addressable TV Platform, explicitly built for the TV industry, brings digital advertising and analytic solutions to linear TV and unlocks new potential for broadcasters and advertisers. Sebastian has a Business Administration and Management degree from BA Heidenheim and a Masters degree in Sport Management from the Griffith University.

Sebastian Busse
Director Addressable TV

Lizzy Curry is our Content Marketing Marketing Manager Europe and is responsible for developing smartclip’s digital content offering across Europe. A British-born languages graduate with a penchant for the written word, Lizzy is based in Berlin and has over 7 years’ experience crafting compelling copy for an array of industry-leading brands.

Lizzy Curry
Content Marketing Manager Europe