Addressable TV Advertising: Case Studies 2018

Combining the Scale of Linear TV with the Precision of Digital

Addressable TV (ATV) combines the high-quality, brand-safe scale of traditional broadcast TV with the targeting and measurement capabilities of digital marketing.

TV Advertising

  • Scalable TV reach
  • Trusted medium
  • Brand safety
  • Brand impact

Digital Advertising

  • Precise targeting
  • Frequency control
  • CPM buying
  • Real-time reporting and optimisation

The smartclip platform empowers broadcasters and advertisers to tap into TV data made available via the HbbTV technology, analyse and segment target audiences based on viewing behaviour, and deliver targeted, one-to-one, real-time TV advertisements into the conventional linear TV signal.

Leading ATV Solution Across Europe

  • 750 million ad impressions in broadcast TV
  • 30+ million unique TV devices
  • 30+ broadcasters in four major TV markets
  • 1 tech standard across all markets

smartclip’s open, pan-European adtech platform leverages HbbTV technology to enable advanced ATV solutions for broadcasters across Europe.

More than 30 broadcasters in major European TV markets— including Germany­, France, Spain and Italy­— currently use the smartclip ATV Platform.

Granular Targeting and Advanced ATV Ad Execution Capabilities

The smartclip platform enables advertisers to use the same degree of targeting capabilities common to digital environments in linear broadcast TV.

  • Socio-demographic: Select viewership based on gender, age, family status
  • Geo-Targeting: Connect to devices in certain areas/cities only
  • Frequency Capping: Control ad exposure & effectiveness
  • Ad Sequencing: Create storytelling by defining the order of creative delivery
  • Apply Third-Party Data: Dynamic creatives increase awareness
  • Segment Targeting: Reach devices with certain viewing behaviour or interests

Addressable Display Ad Formats

Since display ad formats live outside the ad break, they do not interfere with TV broadcast content, which enables broadcasters to open up new ad inventory to the advertising market and, in turn, generate new revenue.

At the same time, advertisers get access to premium TV content as ads are exclusively placed within TV programmes. This means advertisers enjoy the added benefits of high visibility and brand exposure while being able to leverage digital targeting capabilities.

  • 40% of TV screen for brand message
  • Not overlaying TV broadcast content
  • Exclusive placement outside of ad break
  • Brand-safe: Always within premium TV content
  • Non-skippable: 10-seconds ad exposure
  • High viewability and brand awareness
  • Planning and buying on CPM
  • Real-time reporting and optimisation

Addressable TV Advertising Research

Positive Uplift Across Campaign KPIs

Over the past three years, smartclip has worked with more than 60 broadcasters to deliver over 500 ATV advertising campaigns for some of the largest brands in Europe.

Across the board, research shows that they are experiencing significant uplift in key performance metrics, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recognition
  • Purchase intent

In addition to the benefits of enhanced targeting and more relevant advertising, TV audiences also reported that ads delivered via smartclip ATV were less intrusive and minimally disruptive to the viewing experience.

Case Study: Toyota

Incremental Reach

The L-shaped banner ad was booked for incremental reach to complement a traditional TV spot campaign. The ATV display ad proved particularly successful in phases the spot was off-air where it reached a 60% recall rate in the target groups highly likely to be exposed to the ATV ad and successfully increased brand recognition and brand awareness for audiences previously not exposed to the TV spot.

Case Study: Wuerttembergische

Incremental Reach

Wuerttembergische, a leading German insurance company, booked the L-shaped display ad Switch In XXL together with a “yellow button”click-to-microsite as extension of the traditional TV spot which ran from 2.2.-8.3.2018. In the accompanying research study, the ATV ad was perceived as positive, trustworthy, and reliable as well as innovative. Furthermore, 74% of respondents did not perceive the format as intrusive as it allows for an uninterrupted TV experience.

Case Study: Niederegger

Incremental Reach

Niederegger, a well-established German chocolate manufacturer, booked an Addressable TV campaign in addition to a traditional TV spot, retargeting households that had been previously exposed to the original commercial. The alternating L-shaped banners promoted again the product of the original spot as well as two other products. Audiences who were exposed to both the traditional TV commercial as well as the L-shaped ATV formats were 7% more likely to recall the brand and 29% more likely to make a purchase in comparison to audiences who had only been exposed to the traditional TV commercial.

Case Study: AIDA

Incremental Reach

Cruise ship operator AIDA combined a traditional TV spot with the L-shaped Switch In XXL ATV format across various target groups. The exclusive placement proved to secure the regular TV programme high attention levels. Brand awareness rose by 36% for respondents exposed to both the TV commercial and the Switch In XXL while ad recall peaked at 87% of audiences exposed to the combination of the ads.

Download our 2018 ATV Case Study here.

Sebastian Busse is the Director of Addressable TV at smartclip, focusing on the development of Europe’s largest Addressable TV platform and solutions specifically designed European broadcasters. The smartclip Addressable TV Platform, explicitly built for the TV industry, brings digital advertising and analytic solutions to linear TV and unlocks new potential for broadcasters and advertisers. Sebastian has a Business Administration and Management degree from BA Heidenheim and a Masters degree in Sport Management from the Griffith University.

Sebastian Busse
Director Addressable TV

Karen is the Marketing Design Manager Europe at smartclip. She is responsible for the creative execution of marketing activities in all markets and leads the in-house creation of live advertising campaigns for clients. Prior to joining smartclip in 2017, Karen gained extensive experience in the German broadcasting business.

Karen Knüppel
Marketing Design Manager Europe