4 February, 2022

Get to Know Our Sales Director at smartclip Italy

Meet Elisa Belmonte, Sales Director at smartclip Italy, who shares insights on her work at smartclip and how it aligns with her values.

Have you met Elisa Belmonte?

Elisa joined smartclip over five years ago and oversees the sales team for smartclip Italy. 

In the latest episode of our Get to Know podcast series, Elisa shares her views on what she enjoys about working at smartclip and how her work aligns with her values. Additionally, she tells listeners about her management style and why team spirit is of utmost importance to her. 

Elisa is currently looking for an experienced Sales Manager to join her team. If this sounds interesting to you, check out the job description and apply here.

Harshita is a Motion Graphics Designer and has been been a working student with smartclip since April 2021. She is responsible for the production of video content for the website, sales marketing collateral, and content distribution channels. Harshita is currently working on her master’s thesis in Integrated Design with a focus on emotional durability of products. Prior to joining smartclip, Harshita gained 4 years of working experience for various Asian brands back in her home country, India, before moving to Europe.

Harshita Parnami
Motion Graphics Designer Working Student