3 March, 2022

Get to Know Our Managing Director of smartclip Italy

Meet Giuseppe Bronzino, Managing Director of smartclip Italy, who tells listeners about his team and management style.

Have you met Giuseppe Bronzino?

Giuseppe started working as the Managing Director of smartclip Italy in October 2018. Since then, he has built out a talented, 21-person team in Milan and Rome. In this episode of our Get to Know podcast series, Giuseppe walks listeners through what he expects of his team and what his management style is like. 

Giuseppe Bronzino

Giuseppe Bronzino is the Managing Director of smartclip Italy.

Giuseppe Bronzino
Managing Director smartclip Italy

Lisa-Theresia Rischke is the Head of Brand at smartclip Europe and responsible for the smartclip brand. She leads the design team and oversees collateral, social media, and strategic content marketing initiatives across Europe. 

Lisa Rischke
Head of Brand