Leadership quotes

Leadership quotes

8 June 2021

“To truly offer CTV across Europe at scale, the decision lies in the hands of the broadcasters. Major TV houses and independent AVOD services need to collaborate across markets and language barriers, but with local specifics in mind.”

Stephen Byrne, Managing Director Nordics & Executive Director New Partnerships Europe at Smartclip

13 April 2021

“HbbTV, Addressable TV, and TV viewing data are offering a major opportunity for European broadcasters. The key to success in a pursuit against US tech players is cooperation.”

Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV at smartclip
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18 November 2020

“Germany has really made HbbTV a serious and established product, which wasn’t really the case even two years ago,” said Busse. “But now when you speak to the broadcasters, they say it’s a very serious business for them.”

Sebastian Busse, Director Addressable TV at smartclip

13 July 2020

“The sharp division between online advertising and TV advertising creates silos both technologically and in agency personnel that hinders effective cross-device targeting. Data-driven TV advertising via the HbbTV standard – Addressable TV – provides the perfect bridge between both worlds.”

Dr. Oliver Vesper
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