Get to know our furriest smartclippers

Image of a woman working on her computer with a terrier dog in her lap.

Running out of ideas of what to do with the thousands of pet photos currently taking up all the storage space on your phone? Don’t worry; we have a solution! smartclippers Andreas Meier, Senior Director Employee Advocacy & Outreach, and Eva Monfils, Digital Project Manager, came up with a great way to show off our furry friends and drum up some friendly competition between coworkers on World Animal Day this past October. 

smartclippers were asked to send in pictures of their pets to be used in a fun game of “guess the owner!”. The cats and dogs were adorable, and the votes were typically split amongst the staff, with the rare landslide vote in the case of an owner who needed no invitation to send pictures of their pet around. The results were hilariously revealed with some impressive photoshop skills, putting the owners in similar positions and outfits as their pets in the pictures. One photo even creatively placed Shira Leffel, Executive Director of Marketing and Product Education, in a shopping cart alongside her beloved pooch, Madonna. 

The game was a great intermission for our work day and an entertaining glimpse into our coworkers’ day-to-day lives. Given the success of World Animal Day 2022, it’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to more friendly competitions and opportunities to show off our fur babies. Keep scrolling to see all the hilarious pictures of our colleagues and their furry friends. 😉

Portrait of Lee Richter Junior Content Editor Europe at smartclip

Lee is the Marketing Specialist Europe at smartclip and is responsible for content writing, editing, social media, and creative support across the department and company. Originally from the United States, Lee graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Media. Before joining smartclip, she has worked with various organisations managing social media accounts and assisting in the video and audio production processes.

Lee Richter
Marketing Specialist Europe