A volunteer opportunity to tweet about!

image of a mother duck leading her ducklings in water

Giving back to our communities is something we all wish we had more time for, which is why smartclip has started the “Social Day” initiative. Every year, smartclippers are encouraged to take a day off work to volunteer in their local communities for charities in whatever way they see fit. One smartclipper who took advantage of this opportunity in an incredibly unique way was Mirjam Naves, Senior Director Process Management Europe, who traded in her comfy desk chair for a seat behind the wheel of an animal rescue ambulance.

Although some might consider it daunting, Mirjam was up for the task and soon discovered that her patients for the day were going to be domestic and wild birds found across the Netherlands. In the morning alone, she transported two ducks, one crow, two pigeons, three blackbirds, and a Heron to the local bird shelter. One of Mirjam’s more memorable passengers from her time driving around was an ornamental dove that was found sunbathing on someone’s property. Once the bird was persuaded to leave its newfound tanning spot, it was transported to the shelter, where it was further taken care of. 

Throughout the day, Mirjam experienced the many highs and lows that come with being an ambulance driver. While some of her patients were too ill or injured to save, Mirjam was there to offer the animals comfort and peace in their final hours. As Mirjam herself puts it, “The smile and joy that the good moments bring outweigh all the loss we get confronted with.” Spending time with gorgeous birds, reuniting pets with their owners, and making a difference in the lives of animals is definitely a rewarding way to spend a day. No matter where we live, all of us at smartclip understand the importance of contributing to our communities. We’re proud to make the process of giving back easier for our smartclippers and are excited to continue sharing more Social Day adventures. 

Portrait of Lee Richter Junior Content Editor Europe at smartclip

Lee is the Marketing Specialist Europe at smartclip and is responsible for content writing, editing, social media, and creative support across the department and company. Originally from the United States, Lee graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Media. Before joining smartclip, she has worked with various organisations managing social media accounts and assisting in the video and audio production processes.

Lee Richter
Marketing Specialist Europe