smartclippers make a run for it at MOPO Staffellauf 2022

group picture of all smartclip, G+J, and AdAlliance runners at MOPO Staffellauf

On 18 August 2022, some of our bravest — and fittest — smartclippers put their speed, endurance, and agility to the test at Hamburg Stadtpark for the infamous MOPO Staffellauf. The event is truly iconic, with teams from large companies around Germany such as Tesa, DHL, and Siemens participating in a 5x5k relay race. This year, participation was high, with 1,787 teams and 8,935 runners taking part in the event. Although the event usually takes place every year, this year was special as it was the first time the race was held since the start of the pandemic. While we always enjoy participating, we can confidently say that the two-year break was really motivating and made us thankful for this year’s race. 

Together with our friends from G+J and AdAlliance, we saw a great turnout of 29 runners and were able to participate with five teams in total. Although we didn’t finish first, we are extremely proud that one of our teams — the smartclip Racing Team (Alexander Krause, Sebastian Busse, Alexander Gierke, Shira Leffel, and Marc-André Stahl) — finished in 30th place overall and in 12th place out of all co-ed teams. 

Whether we were participating in the friendly competition or cheering for our colleagues from the sidelines, it’s safe to say that we all had a fantastic time together. While the race eventually came to a close, the evening didn’t stop there. One of our favourite parts of the event was enjoying each other’s company after the race and celebrating the hard work of our runners. We’d like to thank all of the runners and supporters who came out to represent smartclip, and can’t wait for next year’s race!

Image of Andreas Meier

Andreas Meier is Senior Director Employee Advocacy & Outreach in the smartclip Europe Marketing team and is responsible for communication geared towards employees, customers and partners. Before joining smartclip in 2019, Andreas worked in various positions at RTL Group in Luxembourg and has more than 14 years of experience in the international media business.

Andreas Meier
Senior Director Employee Advocacy & Outreach

Portrait of Lee Richter Junior Content Editor Europe at smartclip

Lee is the Marketing Specialist Europe at smartclip and is responsible for content writing, editing, social media, and creative support across the department and company. Originally from the United States, Lee graduated from the University of Cincinnati, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Media. Before joining smartclip, she has worked with various organisations managing social media accounts and assisting in the video and audio production processes.

Lee Richter
Marketing Specialist Europe