Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

At smartclip, we honour women every day of the year, but we also welcome the occasion to celebrate International Women’s Day and the achievements of women around the globe — as well as those within our company. More than 40% of our colleagues identify as female — and we are committed to improving gender equality and diversity across our company.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked our female colleagues at smartclip to share their best career advice for other women in the industry. Here’s what they had to say… 

What career advice would you give other women?

“Don’t be afraid to jump in an environment where you don’t think you fit in because you’re a BIPOC, mother, woman, etc. By doing so you get people in those environments to start thinking outside the box.”

Massouda Sarwari-Pumm
Manager EU Supply Management & Cooperations, smartclip Europe

“My advice for other women out there is to have confidence in themselves and trust in their personal and professional skills. Especially when coming across new challenges, it is important to recall one’s individual competences as well as past achievements in order to face every task with confidence. Embrace every new opportunity as a chance to grow your skillset.” 

Sarah Peters
Senior Manager Supply & Cooperations, smartclip Europe

“As women, we can experience internalised misogyny as a consequence of the patriarchal narrative, which can lead us to judge other women for certain attributes (e.g. confidence), distancing ourselves from them or getting in some sort of competition. Instead of criticising others for characteristics that might reflect our own insecurities or biases, let’s empower each other to grow and thrive beyond boundaries that might be engrained in our minds.”

Sina Wittenzellner
Demand Operations Manager Europe, smartclip Europe

“My advice is to be brave and not to be afraid to take a risk. Thinking of my professional career, I am most proud of the moments, where I fought the fear of failing to fulfil expectations — my own or someone else’s. These can be small situations in day-to-day business or more monumental choices — such as moving to a foreign place, starting out in a new industry, or learning to fill the shoes of a new role. I feel empowered when I overcome challenges and dare to try out new paths. ” 

Lisa-Theresia Rischke
Senior Sales Marketing Manager, smartclip Europe

“When I think of my own career, openness to new topics and interest in learning new things has always been the driving force for further developments. Fortunately, smartclip is a company for which lifelong learning and employee development are very important.”

Anne Lusczyk
Head of Platform Consulting & Training, smartclip Europe

My advice is to always remain yourself; take advantage of your personality and preparation to conquer every job challenge. For me, the decision to move to Italy was a very important step! I learned about a new culture; integrating myself has been and continues to be a challenge even today. I have been lucky to have unique opportunities and experiences in the different sectors that have taught me that there is no challenge that cannot be overcome with determination and positivity. I will never stop testing myself and looking for new stimulation and opportunity!

Venera Okova
Office Manager, smartclip Italy

Lisa-Theresia Rischke is the Head of Brand at smartclip Europe and responsible for the smartclip brand. She leads the design team and oversees collateral, social media, and strategic content marketing initiatives across Europe. 

Lisa Rischke
Head of Brand