Sporty smartclippers: Virtual Running Challenge

Juggling an active lifestyle with a busy work schedule isn’t always a walk in the park. Moreover, the corona pandemic has made it particularly challenging to establish healthy routines and a good work-life balance. To get our employees up out of their swivel chairs, supercharge their energy, and raise funds for a worthy cause, we organised a virtual running relay event — the “Sporty smartclippers” running challenge.

Teams of five runners were drawn, and each team member was tasked with running or walking 5K — 25K in total per team. The challenge took place throughout the months of May and June, and our runners were given the option to run as often as they liked, wherever they liked. Runners logged their activity on the sporty smartclip Strava app group and the team with the fastest time over the total 25K distance was crowned the winner.

While achieving the fastest time was one of the main aims of the challenge, the overall rate of activity played an equally important role. An impressive number of smartclippers laced up their running shoes and stepped up to the challenge — 167 runs were recorded in total, equating to a distance of 835km. Now that’s some serious mileage!

In addition, the winning team used the competition as a chance to raise money for charity and opted to donate €200 to their collective charity of choice, the WHO Covid-19 fund. This generous sum was matched by smartclip, amounting to a total donation of €600. What’s more, to give a well-deserved kudos to all our sporty smartclippers, each runner who participated in the challenge received a smartclip running shirt to sport on their next jaunt around the block!

After such a successful turnout for our first running event, plans are already underway for our next active employee challenge. Keep your eyes on our “Life at smartclip” blog to see what else is going on in the smartclip universe.

Lizzy Curry was formerly a Content Marketing Marketing Manager at smartclip.

Lizzy Curry
Content Marketing Manager Europe