Ad Verification

Ad verification is an automated impartial service that, via coding in the ad markup, provides information on the delivery and display of ads. Core use cases for ad verification include invalid traffic (IVT) detection, blocking, and viewability.

Advertisers use ad verification to check that the delivery and display of their ads match predefined settings regarding websites, positioning, context, audience, etc. It is also used to verify compliance with regulatory and technical standards. Advertisers will be looking to verify a number of different factors, such as how, when, and where impressions were delivered, who they were delivered to, whether they were viewable, and whether they appeared in a context that is safe and suitable for the brand.

Ad verification helps advertisers – and publishers – have greater control in the advertising process, including optimising results and minimising fraud. Reports are provided via a dedicated ad verification vendor or can be integrated into the advertiser’s ad management platform.