New Addressable TV Advertising 2022 White Paper for Advertisers and Agencies

As viewer consumption behaviours continue to drift towards digital platforms, so has ad spend. Advertisers now expect to be able to reach their core audience through efficient, cost-effective, and data-driven tactics — on any device. Not that long ago, these innate advantages of digital advertising were unavailable within the traditional TV broadcast environment.

The introduction of Addressable TV (ATV) advertising changed all of that. Today, brands of any size are able to launch targeted TV ad campaigns — within premium TV content — using the same data-driven tactics they apply to their digital campaigns.

ATV advertising is gaining momentum across Europe, yet remains an underutilised strategy for advertisers. Broadcasters have heard the demands of advertisers: digital access to premium linear content and reach, standardised measurement and reporting, and seamless, data-driven buying options.  

smartclip has published a comprehensive white paper, entitled “Addressable TV Advertising: New Opportunities for International Advertisers to Reach European Audiences”, which provides a framework for advertisers based on the results of an extensive in-house analysis. This publication compliments the broadcaster-focused white paper released in 2020.

The new research specifically focuses on the demand side and provides advertisers and agencies with a detailed overview of the latest Addressable TV advertising developments across Europe. Brands and agencies can learn more about how to successfully buy and apply Addressable TV advertising to their media strategy. The research bundles findings from interviews with executives from leading companies such as Atresmedia, MediaCom, M6 Publicité, RTL AdConnect, Ad Alliance, Masmovil, Nissan, and Amobee, who make use of Addressable TV advertising solutions to varying extents.

Highlights from the white paper: 

  • Understand the challenges of defining Addressable TV, and learn exactly what Addressable TV is from a technology versus a media sales perspective 
  • Gain insight into the state of Addressable TV advertising across European TV markets, including local trends and opportunities, hurdles, and future predictions.  
  • Discover why all types of advertisers — not only traditional TV buyers — benefit from Addressable TV advertising, as well as how to buy and successfully apply Addressable TV to any media strategy.   
  • Gain access to diverse Addressable TV advertising case studies and discover how major international brands and agencies — such as Nissan, Spark Foundry, Masmovil, iglo, and MediaCom  — as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, leverage Addressable TV advertising. 
  • Find out which Addressable TV advertising formats and targeting solutions are available in local European markets. 

Addressable TV Advertising 2022 White Paper

Shira Leffel

Shira Leffel is the VP of Marketing & Product Education and is responsible for leading the central European marketing and product education department at smartclip. She has lived and worked in the United States, Canada, Israel, Mozambique, Brazil, and now Germany. Shira comes with extensive experience in marketing for B2B technology startups. She has built out marketing teams and strategies—her core expertise lies in content strategy, most notably inbound content marketing. Shira graduated Summa Cum Laude and First in Class with an M.A. from Tel Aviv University, and First Class Honours with a B.A. from the University of British Columbia.

Shira Leffel
VP Marketing & Product Education