RTL Netherlands Data Privacy
Case Study 2023

Learn how RTL Netherlands
prioritises data privacy with
smartclip’s latest adtech solutions

This in-depth case study explores how RTL Netherlands, leading Dutch media network and subsidiary of RTL Group, activated two Privacy Suite features of smartx — smartclip’s full-stack ad serving and supply-side platform (SSP) solution — to meet a key business goal: maximising the privacy of user data. By utilising smartx’s GDPR Cockpit and recently introduced Vegan Ads functionalities, RTL Netherlands is pioneering the way broadcasters address privacy concerns in the ad delivery process.

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“By utilising the GDPR Cockpit and Vegan Ads functionalities available within smartx, we are able to maintain the benefits of using direct and programmatic pipelines while also minimising the amount of privacy-relevant data shared and achieving greater control over our data than is possible via standard processes.”
Marcel Korstjens-Alling, Domain Architect, Digital Advertising
RTL Netherlands

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  • Leading Dutch broadcaster RTL Netherlands wanted to offer its ad inventory through smartclip’s smartx platform, while also prioritising the privacy of its user data.
  • By activating two privacy-related functionalities on smartx — the GDPR Cockpit and Vegan Ads — RTL Netherlands retains complete control over what privacy-relevant information is shared with other systems in the ad delivery pipeline.
  • The partnership with RTL Netherlands highlights how smartclip’s tailor-made adtech solutions enable broadcasters to tackle their specific adtech challenges and enhance their digital ad sales processes.

RTL Netherlands prioritises user data privacy

Discover how Dutch broadcaster RTL Netherlands leveraged smartclip’s adtech solutions — including Vegan Ads — to maximise data privacy in its ad delivery process.

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RTL Netherlands prioritises user data privacy