Connected TV
in Europe 2023

Understand video content consumption behaviours in European households today

Following the success of the first edition of “The New Life of the Living Room” white paper, smartclip, RTL AdAlliance, and Ad Alliance Netherlands partnered to investigate how the Connected TV (CTV) landscape has grown and developed over the past year. With over 8,500 participants spread across 10 European markets, this new edition of “The New Life of the Living Room” offers broadcasters, publishers, and advertisers a comprehensive pan-European look at the current state of CTV and examines how global developments such as inflation, affect consumers’ attitudes towards content subscriptions and ad acceptance.

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“As Europe’s leading adtech company, we understand that innovation is not just about pushing the limits of what’s possible from a technology perspective. It also involves responding to the evolving viewing experience and the opportunities and challenges this presents to everyone in the advertising delivery chain. Broadcasters, publishers, and advertisers can now leverage a wide range of adtech features — from targeted ad delivery that protects user privacy to cross-device ad storytelling for increased engagement. The findings from this research can help these players choose the right products to reach their business goals.”

Shira Leffel, Executive Director Europe Marketing & Product Education
smartclip Europe

“All ad impressions are not equal, even on the big screens. Factors like co-viewing, sound, and others play a role in how much attention we’re likely to pay to ads. If you were told to do CTV, then you should certainly do it. However, do it the smart way. Take into account viewer behaviours across all the available platforms analysed in this report and the unparalleled measurement solutions that would help you make the most of it.”

Jean-Baptiste Moggio, Head of Marketing
RTL AdAlliance

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What questions are answered in the report?

  • What devices do European viewers own and use to consume video content?
  • What is the role of the TV set in European households today?
  • How do European viewers consume video content across different platforms and genres?
  • What are the attitudes of European viewers towards advertising?
  • How does inflation affect subscription budgets and interest in cheaper, ad-supported content?
  • How have video content consumption habits in Europe changed within the last year?

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