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in Europe 2022

Understand media consumption habits across Europe and how to better reach today’s viewers

smartclip and RTL AdConnect partnered to commission an in-depth research — across 10 European countries with more than 8,500 research participants — in order to understand the impact the pandemic has had on media consumption behaviours, particularly in regards to the ‘big screen’ in the living room. Welcome to “The New Life of the Living Room”, essential reading for anyone looking to reach today’s TV viewers.

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“We learned that a large proportion of surveyed users found TV ads to be repetitive and unrelated to personal interests. Knowing this, advertisers can leverage advanced targeting features such as frequency capping and ad sequencing, which gives advertisers complete control over the number of times a viewer sees an ad and the order in which different ad creatives are delivered — down to a device level. The combination of data and tech is key here in giving advertisers the ability to ensure not only that the right ad gets in front of the right viewer at the right time — but also the right amount of times.”

Shira Leffel, Executive Director Europe Marketing & Product Education

“The top viewing moments in the living room are for relaxation, family togetherness and companionship – to have something on in the background as people get on with their lives. Knowing these moods and mindsets means that advertisers can use our research to better target and design content that will cause less friction for viewers throughout the day. During family time, longer format conversation starters are key, for relaxation a smoothly integrated item is better and when people are distracted and using their TV as a companion, short, eye-catching work is likely to be more successful.”

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What questions are answered in the report?

  • What devices do European viewers own and use?
  • What does the viewing experience look like in Europe today?
  • How does TV fit in with other home-based activities?
  • How do European viewers react to advertisements?
Jean-Baptiste Moggio, Head of Marketing
RTL AdConnect

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